Salutary Neglect In The French And Indian War

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Around the 1770’s, the British had extended their mercantilistic policies of trade restrictions and economic control. Creating laws and looking out for the crown’s interest, they began to tax the American Colonists. When the colonists retaliated, England responded with a larger military presence. These economic and military policies threatened the colonies. The French and Indian war was the result of a clash between the French and the English. The results of the war ended the French power in the North Colonies and gave the winning side- the english- land and power but also war debt. Salutary Neglect was an undocumented agreement between the colonies and the English where the motherland would go easy on the colonies in exchange for their loyalty. The period of salutary neglect was over after The French and Indian war, the English were no longer lenient towards the colonies and wanted to enforce mercantilism. The proclamation of 1763 was a declaration after the end of salutary neglect which forbid colonists from settling west of the Appalachians which the British won from The French and Indian war. This angered the colonists because they felt as though they were being controlled and used for the motherland’s benefit. The end of …show more content…
Delegates from each colony except Georgia came up with a Declaration of Rights and Grievances. On April 19, 1775, The first shots were fired which started the American Revolution when British regular came up against Colonial soldiers. The war would cost a lot of money therefore the Second Continental Congress was officially held in order to figure out what to do. On July 4, 1776, the Second Continental Congress officially embraced the Declaration of Independence which proclaimed that the 13 colonies were now no longer under the British’s

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