The Importance Of My Life

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If one comes, we all come

Two years ago I moved to the United States with my mom and brother from Bolivia. This important and drastic decision was not planned at all. I think this decision was the hardest thing we have made so far. We never thought about coming to live here but all of a sudden we did not know what to do because our lives were about to change forever. I remember in the middle of June two years ago; my brother was talking with my mom about his friend taking the SAT in order to apply to a university in the U.S. I thought it was just a theme of conversation, but it was not. It was something my brother really wanted to do and when he wants something he fights and does everything to get it; that is one of the million things
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One Sunday, my mom; brother; and I were watching a movie and my brother hugged us and said: "We do not know if this is happening again" and my mom said " Why are you saying that?" and my brother answered: “Because I am leaving to college and after I might get a job there and start my life.” We all knew that was true, as much as we wanted to still be together we could not, and my brother would come to visit once a year at most because the plane tickets to Bolivia are expensive.

My mom realized that if something happens to my brother, it will take us at least a day to get there but if we were living there, it would be a few hours. After that, she came into my room and said: “We can go, see how life is for six months and if you like it, we would stay but I want you to be happy. Think about you. It will be hard at first because it is a new place, school, people, and language. We can give it a try, but if you do not want to then we will stay here. Opportunities like this only happen once and if we do not take it, it might never happen
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It has always been the three of us since I was five years old. I grew up without a father, but I do have a father’s picture in my head, and not only one but three. My grandpa, to whom I call dad, has corrected my mistakes, raised, and taken care of me. My brother, has always guided, protected, helped, and did things that no one else has done for me. Lastly, my mom, who has formed me with all her sacrifices as a single parent, given me a good life, education, and everything I wanted, is the most important person in the world to me. I do not know what I would do without her. We are always together laughing, talking, and learning new things. I am what I am now because of them, they are everything I have and everything I need. That is when I told my mom that I wanted to come and be still together with my

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