The Father's Curse And The Punished Son Analysis

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The Father’s Curse and The Punished Son

Art has been through our lives since the creation of man. Art is a way of expression which humans tend to communicate their ideas, emotions, or in general world views. There’s many types of art that exist in the world but one of the biggest and most famous is the fine arts. A perfect example is the famous painting “The Father’s Curse and The Punished Son” which is one of the greatest masterpieces created by the French painter Jean Baptiste. The artist generally painted portraits, genre scenes, and history painting which are recognized throughout all of France and in the world. The piece of art selected appeared to be eye catching and interesting in a way to can feel the emotion of the characters in the tragic scene presented.
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During his early life, he demonstrated a great talent for painting and drawing and at an early age Greuze managed to convince his father into sending him to Lyon to study with the successfully portrait painter Charles Grandon. After a while before 1755, Greuze Lyon moved to Paris where he continued to pursue his art studies at the school of the Royal Academy. At first, he started learning drawing under the knowledge of Charles Joseph Natoire and so on forward he kept advancing with his skills and work while he competed in many competitions where during his first success in one of the events he was recognized by Louis Gougenot who promoted the young artist and took Greuze to Italy. In Greuze’s return to Paris, his popularity began to grow. He was married later through his career and became the celebrity as the eighteenth-century innovator of paintings of sensibilité but his relationship didn’t last and became a costly divorce that left him nearly destitute and younger imitators replaced Greuze in the eyes of the public as painters of

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