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What role do the Fine Arts play in your life? Fine Arts doesn 't have a big role in my life, but that doesn 't mean art isn 't important to me. Without art our everyday lives would be boring and dull. I use art for entertainment everyday, without art I would be looking at plain walls everyday and I would rather watch grass grow than look at plain walls. I also use fine are to give me pleasure and a creative inspiration in life. I think fine art brings important problems to a person 's eye.
How do the Fine Arts affect you personally? Fine are doesn 't realy affect me personally, because I rarly get into art in a personal way. But, by reading things about fine arts and from seeing what people say about art I think art can make people dream,
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As a social worker I will be working with people that have phycological issues and from research it says, the relationship between engagement with the creative arts and health outcomes, specifically the health effects of music engagement, visual arts therapy, movement-based creative expression, and expressive writing can help reduce adverse physiological and psychological outcomes. Since I now know that these simple things can help someone I can use these strategies to help my client.
How can you use the Fine Arts to enhance your understanding of yourself, your career and your community? I can use fine arts to enhance an understanding of stimulating my imagination, expanding my awareness of and perspective on ideas. Fine arts could help me look at things differently because fine arts isn 't my normal likings. Fine arts are community driven and can keep your community together. Fine arts can give your community a better understanding of culture and history.
What are the most important functions of the Fine Arts, in your own opinion? The most important function of art is to contribute toward the development of human society and communication. Challenging me to question the world that we take for granted through a form of
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Film has almost every form of art in it. Film includes photography, paintings, sculpture, architecture, music and dance. It get everything at once. You are not just watching a film you are watching a story of something and having almost every form of art in that story makes it beautiful. When I watch a film it makes me understand the story better, and I also like seeing what the actual art looks like, that you do not get to see if you were reading a book.
What is it about that specific art form that makes it stand out to you? Film stands out to me becuase you see all different types of art in the film, no matter what king of film you are watching.
Can you provide an example that strengthens and defends your favorite art form choice? Films can be very educational, instead of just reading about something to try and learn, a film can make it interesting and help you leanr better. For example, reading about nutrition and health can be boring, but watching a film about it can make the learning process more interesting.
Which aesthetic theory makes the most sense to you? Beauty, because there is so many different meanins of beauty you can not go wrong with what you think.
Does the art work you’ve chosen illustrate that

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