Reflection Of Film: The Structure And Meaning Of A Film

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Every form and variety of our emotions can be portrayed in film. They allow us to escape and have a broadening perspective. Film provides us with a source to every theme we can identify with the human condition. Film has allowed us a visual alternative to literature that can exuberate our senses. Various elements of the film such as theme, cinematic techniques, and genre helps beguile us into worlds we have never explored, people we have never met and lives we have never lived. Although a movie can have many thematic concepts, it allows you to derive your own theme that can enlighten you about an issue. Cinematographic techniques can greatly influence the structure and meaning of a film, giving you a sense of realism and involvement. New worlds, ideas and adventures are created by the different genres. When it is all put together …show more content…
My expectations were surpassed from what I initially thought was going to be another boring class. In fact, I really wasn’t sure what to expect from the class, the instructor or the discussion boards. More surprisingly, was the approach used in analyzing films. I am a huge fan of films, but before was even a bigger fan of novels and it surprises me that the approach taken to studying literature can be approached in the same analytic process of films. Just watching a movie we really miss a lot of the incentives it offers and how to open our minds to a broader field of understanding, dissecting and finding the meaning in its purpose. This is yet another approach that I can use as I continue my studies. There are certainly a lot of reflection in the study of film. Intellectually, these studies offer me with an alternative way of looking at film and thinking. Instead of looking for a single subject as I watch a film, I can know look and think of the varied subjects on their implications on life, self and

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