Cloud Lake: A Short Story

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All Angels had wings, but none were as dark as Raven’s. She had shimmering, dark blue wings that ombred into black tips. Most of the other Angels had cream colored wings with a pink or teal tint to them, but none of them were dark.

Because of the peculiar color of her wings, most angels regarded her with some apprehension. There was no fear, but they were unsure of what to think of her. However, there were two angels that did not let their differences stop them from being friends with her. Their names were Nick, and Carrie.

Nick was an apprentice at the Smith’s Shoppe. A place where they melted gold, silver, bronze, and other metals to make jewelry, tables, chairs, silverware, and other finery for the Angels in Distira. He and Raven had been friends since the first day of lower
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A place one could only get to by flying, and a place very few knew about. It was special to the three of them, and they liked to think that it was their own special place.

Cloud Lake was on a floating island, the largest of eleven floating islands, in Distira. The island itself did not have a name, but the lake on it had a name. The Lake was made of water, but it flowed off of the island in a stream that turned into clouds. Thus, Cloud Lake. Some of the animals were crystal, others were ‘normal’ but those ‘normal’ animals had extremely soft fur, or feathers.

Raven tore through layer after layer of glistening clouds, and as she flapped her powerful wings she twirled through the last layer and came face to face with the sky.

She glanced at her timepiece and noted that she had ten minutes to spare. In an instant she made up her mind. She was going to enjoy her freedom before her meeting with Nick.

She reached up to her hair and removed her ponytail. She undid the braids, and let her hair fall down to lay against her shoulders and back. It was blond, but it ombred into a dark blue, and it came down to her mid-back when it was

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