Personal Narrative Essay: Reconciliation Of A Child

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Reconciliation Interrupted by the faint sounds of birds chirping and grass swaying in the gentle breeze, the calming silence became a distant memory. As the birds flapped their wings, moving at the edge of the tiny meadow, from one tree to the next, they cast their shadows over the body of a small brown skinned, black haired girl. She lay on her back in the hilltop grass, facing directly up towards the almost blinding light of the afternoon sun. Her dark skin, holding a lively warm glow, reflected the rays of sunlight off of her quickly flickering eyelids. Suddenly, they were open, revealing her dark brown almond shaped eyes and her ever so slightly off white sclera. She took in a deep and refreshing breath before using her thin arms to push herself into an upright sitting position while her legs still stayed straight pointing towards the edge of the meadow where the dark dense layer of trees resided. As she sat staring into the swinging trees her eyes readjusted to the light and she could begin to see tall and lanky figures moving around in the darkness. Pulling her body off the ground she began to feel a little …show more content…
As she strode to the bathroom, her phone continued to buzz letting her know of the continuous likes on her photo. When she got to the bathroom she opened the mirror that hung above the sink, to retrieve her toothbrush and continued on her morning routine, checking her phone every few seconds to make sure she hadn’t missed a call or a facetime or to make sure someone hadn’t texted her and so on. After washing her face and brushing her teeth, she headed over to the cabinet in the kitchen that held the cereal. Face glued to her screen and not looking a hundred percent aware of her surroundings, she opened the cabinet and pulled out a box of cereal, pouring it into a bowl and accidently missing the every other

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