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  • Cloud Lake: A Short Story

    All Angels had wings, but none were as dark as Raven’s. She had shimmering, dark blue wings that ombred into black tips. Most of the other Angels had cream colored wings with a pink or teal tint to them, but none of them were dark. Because of the peculiar color of her wings, most angels regarded her with some apprehension. There was no fear, but they were unsure of what to think of her. However, there were two angels that did not let their differences stop them from being friends with her. Their names were Nick, and Carrie. Nick was an apprentice at the Smith’s Shoppe. A place where they melted gold, silver, bronze, and other metals to make jewelry, tables, chairs, silverware, and other finery for the Angels in Distira. He and Raven had been friends since the first day of lower…

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  • My Soul Essay

    I very stubborn at the time, and would only do any handwriting in red ballpoint pen. Well needless to say I lost it... again. I was searching when I made my way downstairs and found a strange man loaming in the kitchen, and the rest of my family held at gunpoint. Running all I can remember is running and the gunshots... One Two Three Dead, they were all dead. All I did was run, run from my family. I didn 't save them. After hiding under my parents bed for what seemed like hours, I walked I…

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  • The Influence Of Angels In Scripture

    Angels, satan, demons. All creatures questioned through scripture and throughout all of time. Questions of their true essence and origin grip the minds of those around us, seeing answer to the unknown. As one follows them through scripture, outside cultures influenced the writings of the Old Testament, and the knowledge that Christ had of these beings, were present within the New Testament. Along with the understanding of angels, satan, and demons through scripture, came the process of…

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  • Reflective Essay: Hadraniel's Fallen Angels

    “Well, as you all know, Nephilim are what you get when angels and humans have interspecies relationships, so this is no ordinary child. I have sent Eremiel back to Earth to care for it until we decide what to do with her, she has immense power within her, we can tell. As for the mother, she has paid for her sins by way of being stoned. Eremiel carried the deed out himself. The father, I know who it is, but I am not going to say. I have forgiven him of this sin and will not shame him for it, as…

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  • Belshazzar's Influence On Israel

    God is worthy to be praised in the earth as well by all human beings, He is the Creator, of the universe. Ps. 47:2,7. God is so Sovereign Daniel knew,, God had a covenant with Israel, However, Israel had five unpardoned sins (1). They mocked the messenger of God (2).Misused the prophets of God, they were out of God’s will. (3). The Bible informed us touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm.. God has given his chosen, call and elect power, no one should come against their authority.…

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  • God In Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart

    matter have to exist. He mocks the idea that the world must be completely good. Pangloss and Candide are optimist in this story. They see a vast array of horrible things throughout the story such as rapes, robberies, disease, earthquakes, floggings, and betrayals just to name a few. Obviously theses evils serve no good but only shine a light on the cruelty of humans. Pangloss longs and struggles to find reasons for all the horrible things in the world, but what he finds makes no sense. By the…

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  • A Character Analysis: Supernatural

    Dean and Sam Winchester who go around hunting monsters but as the seasons progress that all changes. It isn’t just about two brothers hunting monsters anymore. They have a lot going on along with hunting monsters such as stopping the apocalypse, getting Sam out of the literal Hell where he is being tortured by Lucifer, getting Sam his soul back, stopping Leviathans, Eve, and the Darkness from killing the entire human race. Being a popular T.V. show comes with many things such as fans shipping…

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  • Saint Michael The Archangel Analysis

    Constantinople. This piece of art is classical style, it has a large panel which is interesting because most panels are originally small. The ivory is about 18in., this art piece has many details lots of architecture elements. The angel is very large and takes up all of the star case, it has a hierarchy scale so that his size is able to match divine nature. The details that is carved into this art piece shows the delicacy that was put into. Sant’ Apollinaire was the other piece I decided to pick…

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  • Biblical Allusions In Chronicle Of A Death Foretold By Gabriel Garcia Marquez

    a small town that had it 's own laws and its own way of surviving. The people in this town are kept to their race, until one day one person from a race accused another person from a different race of rape. “In Chronicles of a Death Foretold” Marquez uses biblical allusions when Santiago wears all white, when the angel passes by, and when Santiago was murdered to prove he died for his belief in the importance of a woman 's purity. Marquez proves that the innocence of Santiago was when put on a…

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  • Magical Realism In 'A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings'

    The problem is that this angel is not all goodness and light. He is in fact quite the opposite, he smells, he can’t fly, he can’t communicate with anyone or speak god’s language, he is bald and almost toothless, and his wings are dirty (Shmoop Editorial Team). So some people, like the priest, are very skeptical of the old man. He begins to test him by speaking to him in Latin. When the old man doesn’t respond, he finds it very hard to believe that an angel of god wouldn’t understand god’s…

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