Rap Industry Essay

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Rap industry has gained huge recognition with fans over the years. According to Bradley “Rap is now the most widely disseminated poetry in the history of the world” (Bradley, xiii). Rappers have built up their following from adults to young kids that enjoy listening to rap music. The audiences are the ones who spend money on the artist, accordingly, buying their music, attending concerts, or buying merchandise. Now a day, an artist can be asked to represent a company, either in the fashion world, technology world or other big companies, in which people will focus on their favorite artist who is using the product. Recording industries can use this excuse as well, to make more money of the artist, depending on the artist contracts. Consequently, in the movie Straight Outta Compton, Ice Cube leaves the group because he is being denied the money he deserves for his part in the group N.W.A., which is denied by the group manager. This situation does happen in real life in the music industry, but if the artist is getting paid what they deserve, then it …show more content…
Ice-T is a famous rapper who had made a name for himself in the music industry. He has appeared on TV shows as well and now he is in a commercial with kids for GEICO. The commercial goes by the setting of the “neighborhood regulars, passing by a lemonade stand, lean toward the kids and conspiratorially ask, ‘Is that iced tea?’ ‘Nope, its lemonade,’ they reply, with growing frustration. (Natividad, Ice T Talks). Ordinarily, Ice-T has been in the industry for a long time and has built up his fan based by appearing on famous TV shows, it gives an advantage for GEICO to have a well known artist in their commercial. Audiences will see the commercial, and if they are fans of the ICE-T, maybe they would look into the insurance company. This brings money into the corporation and the artist, which end good for both

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