Rhetorical Analysis Of Target

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We all the known supermarket/retail store, Target. Target is not the most popular but it also really never has a bad image. Target is some ones “back-up” store. Or at least in my experience. This commercial that I will be talking about is a enjoying, entertaining, short, Target ad. First the commercial started out with two teenage girls that seem to not know each other, it is their first time meeting. The setting is taken place in a small college dorm room that has brand new college supplies that are not unpacked yet. Next, the two girls turn around and introduce each other. Dancing music starts and the girls are having what seems to be a dance battle. While this dance battle is going on, they are unpacking their college supplies together. By the end of the commercial everything is unpacked and they are friends.
As I watch the short clip, Target is portraying a bigger message then just selling their store name. Explicitly, the ad is selling the store name, but implicitly, Target is saying that if you buy college supplies from
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The type of music they use is very upbeat, makes you want to dance and be happy. The music was probably the biggest pathos in this ad. But another would be happiness. Bringing two girls together and making them friends at the end while they dance, is going to bring someone happiness. Even if a person does not smile, it is subconscious in the back of that person’s head. The only ethos that there is, is that Target is very well known. No one really ever says anything bad about Target, it is very useful and credible. The logos that is going on is not exactly real. That two girls will bond over the same store they bought their supplies at? Not likely. There was no celebrity in this commercial but if there was it would have made it a lot more credible because everyone wants to do what their favorite celebrity does. The setting is in a small, plain college dorm room during the day

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