Jerome Drake Graham Analysis

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Mark Twain once said, “Biographies are but the clothes and buttons of the man. The biography of the man himself cannot be written.” The type of person that one truly is can never change. But artists, such as authors and songwriters put their work out into the world as a way to tell their story. The audience tend to look at these works as a form of entertainment. But by knowing the artist’s intention and background, the two can connect on a deeper level.
Aubrey Drake Graham, notably known as Drake is a rapper and songwriter. On his album, Thank Me Later, his hit tracks, “Fireworks” is the first song. He tells his audiences, “it's the biggest indicator of what the album is gonna be like… That's why I picked that song to go first… It’s really where I am in my life right now. I know they're looking forward to the album, so I want them to get a feel of how the story starts off.” The song tells three different stories of the rapper’s
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Graham, rising from the concretes of the ground, has to learn how to cope with what “doesn’t come natural” (Graham 8). Even before his rapping career, Graham has been made fun of through countless amounts of memes and parodies. But the flower continues to grow. He learns to embrace the hatred and admits that “this life is something [he] would die for (Graham 13).
Furthermore, in his second verse, Drake addresses a relationship with an unknown person. With some prior knowledge, listeners would be able to connect the lyrics with his relationship with Rihanna. According to Hollywood Life, the two split because Drake had told her that his music comes first. According his song, he admits that she “could’ve been the one but it wasn’t that serious” (Graham 37). Their breakup allowed the rapper to clear his mind, making it a lesson-learned. He mentions how their relationship was nothing but “gossip brags” (Graham 33) and “smoke in the air” (Graham

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