The Great Gatsby And O What Venerable And Reverend Creatures By Sharon Butala

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Scott and Sharon 's Similar Style
No two humans are exactly the same. With seven billion people on Earth, a person’s personality is what sets them apart from everyone else. Everyone has a different experience of life, perspective and mind. It is how a mother tells her identical twins apart and what makes an applicant stand out in a job interview. As personality expresses who a person is, in literature an author’s writing style express themselves. An author’s writing style is what makes their work unique. Writer’s use elements such as word choice, sentence structure and rhetorical devices to make their work stand out. Novels such as The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald and O What Venerable and Reverend Creatures by Sharon Butala use a writing style that keeps the readers engaged throughout
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However, there are different components that make up a person’s personality. Similarly, an author’s writing style is a combination of varying elements. Their different sentence lengths does not make their writing styles completely different because sentence length is only one small part in determining an author’s writing style. Fitzgerald and Butala have many similar elements in their writing style such as diction and rhetorical devices which make them easily comparable.
The authors use allusions to show the readers how the protagonists are seen through the eyes of the narrator. The allusion in The Great Gatsby displays how Nick truly sees Gatsby. One day Nick observes that Gatsby’s lights do not turn on for his regular Saturday night party. He then remarks that Gatsby’s career as Trimalchio is over (Fitzgerald 113). Fitzgerald uses a literary allusion to Trimalchio. Trimalchio is a fictional character in Satyricon written by Petronius in first century AD Roman, whose story is parallel to the life of Gatsby. Trimalchio is greek for “greatest king”. He is a former slave who works hard to gain his power and wealth. With his

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