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  • Hackers In Pop Culture

    Pop culture and mainstream media influences must be explored in order for people to fully understand how society’s perception of hackers has changed over the last 50 years. Before the 1980s, hacking was nothing more than computer enthusiasts modifying computers and phone phreaks exploiting phone networks to make free calls. Many people did not know what a hacker was until the 1980s when hacker groups began to form and engage in illegal activities. Personal computers were becoming more popular in the 1980s and many people were just learning how to use them. Some hackers took advantage of this and would access systems illegally for personal gain. At this point, many people began to realize what hackers were and what they were capable of. In…

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  • Hacking Vs Hackers

    What do you think when you hear the word hacking and hackers? Despite what people may think, hacking isn’t always a problem. In the two articles I have read, the difference between good hackers and bad hackers is explained. “Hacking and Hackers” (Article 1) and “Good Hackers, Bad Hackers. What’s the Difference?:The Difference between Destruction and Protection” (Article 2) differentiate between length, the sources, and the examples each article provides, yet are similar in that they to the same…

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  • Hackers: The Three Types Of Hacking

    Malicious hackers need to be prevented and stopped overall. Hacking in general whether it be for malicious reasons or not is becoming increasingly popular due to the exponential growth of technology in recent years. When is it not on the news that a database or a companys website has been breached? Very rarely because just about anyone is able get the software on the internet or get a tutorial off of youtube to teach them. Many websites when signed up for give a brief warning on how to insure a…

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  • Hackers Case Study

    i Know various amount of ways to handle hackers Hackers Firstly, If someone has reported a hacker I will vanish myself and tp to the hacker whilst recording, If it 's obvious I 'll give him a perm ban or if he admits ill 1 week ban. If it 's not obvious how ever, I will Screenshare him If I found a macro or something which is illegal on the server I will ban him permanently, If he is clean I will apologize for accusing him of horrid activities and tell him to have a nice day. Spammers If…

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  • Black Hat Hacker

    Do you know what a Hacker is? Everyone says that Hackers are these no-lifes, who break the law, and exploit the government, by releasing their data. Let 's get something clear okay, not all hackers are fucking evil, its only the Black Hat Hackers, they are the ones who have given hackers a bad name. Almost everyone in my school, in Castle Rock says "Your a terrorist Daniel", or "Your gonna screw everything up, your gonna destroy the internet". Seriously? I 'm not a bad person, I may be able to…

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  • Think Like A Hacker Analysis

    Think like a Hacker, Defend like a Professional The theme of this article might sounds confusing due to the fact that most people will interpret the word “hacker” as a term used to refer to the malicious guys who always find ways to steal user information and financial details. We are not trying to give you any bad intentions about the actual meaning of “hacker” whatsoever. The original meaning is neutral and does not identify anyone as a bad person. Literally, any technology enthusiasts who…

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  • Steven Levy: Hacker Ethics

    Being a hacker has evolved through the centuries. Recent past indicates a hacker as a person that gets into the system of a company or individual in order to obtain information, or to damage the computer. However, in Steven Levy’s text, he indicates a hacker as someone who is trying to push the limits farther, as being a visionary or adventurer. What Steven tried to accomplish was to bring forward the contributions that these innovators laid the foundation for. He was not trying to tell the…

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  • Ethical Hackers

    Oxford dictionary(2015) defines ethics hacker as “A person who hacks into a computer network in order to test or evaluate its security, rather than with malicious or criminal intent”. Successful ethical hackers have all kinds of skills. First and most basic, they should be trusted. As Willems demonstrated in Tracey’s report (2011), when a hacker is not trusted by others, he is very difficult to become an ethical hacker, because distrust and doubt is difficult to be changed in the industry.…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Hacking

    As claimed by Andrew Beattie “There are hackers who do good work, by hacking into sites in order to inform and help improve that person's security.” His statement shows a more positive side on the topic in this argument. Although a consensus shows that a large amount of people think of hacking as obtaining personal information illegally, not all hackers are as bad because they use their skills for testing company security and to help spread awareness of certain issues. The argument of this topic…

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  • Black Hat Movie Analysis

    configures a way to find the perpetrators responsible for a nuclear plant explosion and the hackers that initiated a pump and dump scheme to the Mercantile Trade Exchange. Throughout the duration of the movie, the characters find themselves traveling all over the globe trying to find the persons responsible for these series of serious offenses. However, they find themselves facing life and death situations and eventually the captain and agent Barrett dies during an exchange of gunfire leaving…

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