Think Like A Hacker Analysis

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Think like a Hacker, Defend like a Professional
The theme of this article might sounds confusing due to the fact that most people will interpret the word “hacker” as a term used to refer to the malicious guys who always find ways to steal user information and financial details. We are not trying to give you any bad intentions about the actual meaning of “hacker” whatsoever. The original meaning is neutral and does not identify anyone as a bad person. Literally, any technology enthusiasts who enjoy analyzing technology and tricking the process to perform functions that is different from the original function can be referred to as a hacker.
Of course, their goals might be different, which is the reason why hackers are categorized into three
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Now the question is, how do you think like a hacker? Obviously, before you can build a highly secure system, you must know the principle behind the system and all the possible ways to break them down. Hopefully, we are making some points. However, if you are still perplexed, we encourage you to read the following paragraphs more than once.
Think like a hacker
Undoubtedly, hacking is a very lucrative business and one of the highly sought profession in the technology industry. Knowing that hackers are highly intelligent people who derive pleasure in manipulating technology to do what they are not intended to, they can be very helpful in different industry where security important. As a typical hacker, you would want to know how technology work, and why they perform certain functions.
Should you think like a “black hat”, “white hat”, or “grey hat” hacker? Honestly speaking, a typical hacker might be very good both in “black hat” and “white hat” techniques. The main difference between these people is what they want to achieve with their skills. For instance, you might be learning these techniques just because you want to build a secure environment for your worker, and in that case, all your focus will be how to block all vulnerabilities that you
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You will definitely learn the principles of system security and experiment with different strategies. As a hacker, you might want to go beyond common restrictions and execute your program. Another thing is that you might not worry about possible dangers.
Defend like a professional
As stated earlier, the major difference between a malicious (“black hat”) hacker and a helpful (“white hat”) hacker is what they intended to achieve with their hacking skills. As a security expert you’ll understand all the possible intricacies and how you can use them to your own benefits. Thinking like a hacker won’t make you a “black hat” hacker except you decided to use your skills to cause different harms. In order for you to build a secure environment for organization, you must be able to reason like the guys behind the wall.
How does malicious hackers think?
These sets of people are not worried about what the outcome of their actions would be. Definitely, they want to steal your data and cause damages as much as possible. You on the other hand, you want to keep your data secured and get everything in their working condition. Now your reasoning is entirely different from that of the malicious hacker. If you don’t think like a typical “black hat” hacker, you might not be able to build a secure and unbreakable

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