Persuasive Essay On The Matrix

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Beep. Beep. Beep. The alarm next to my bed sounded. Looking up, the clock read 6:00. Time to wake up. Time to save the world. I might not look like much. Average height, average build, and an unmemorable face. None of that matters in the Matrix though. In the Matrix, you can be anything. In the Matrix, I am the most elite hacker in the world. Hacking isn 't like what it used to be. Used to be AI sat there covered in their ice and all you had to do was run a program to break through without leaving a trace. Not anymore. Now the AI use a much more hostile form of defense. They create their own virtual army of faceless wire frame men or Bytes, complete with laser assault rifles and heavy armor. In order to access an AI 's mainframes, you have to get past their Bytes. Maintaining the …show more content…
Let 's get in there and plant the bomb. We can 't fight these Bytes all day.” I said. “Roger, sir. Lead the way.” said Molly.
I could see Dax made a clear path to Neuromancer 's main frame, a virtual fortress made of 1 's and 0 's. Running up to a wall I slammed behind a pillar, taking cover from incoming laser fire. I activated my Static again and cut a pie-sized hole into the wall. “There! Molly, drop the bomb and let 's get out of here!” I ordered.
Molly removed a D7-1 anti-data bomb from her back pack. It glowed black and purple with negative energy. When detonated, anything within the blast radius would be permanently erased from the Matrix. Molly set the timer for 30 seconds and dropped it through the hole. “Now run like hell!” I screamed.
Arcane in hand and at a full sprint, I dashed away from the impending explosion, shooting Bytes as I ran. We three all headed for a nearby ditch to take cover. I pulled Dax and Molly down into it just as the bomb exploded. All sound and light left the area as the anti-data bomb spread throughout the fortress, obliterating everything in its path. Daring to glance up, the aftermath could only be described as a black hole of

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