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  • My Passion For Enduring Passion For Veterinary Medicine

    more engaging learning environment, which additionally allowed me to gain insight on individual students’ hobbies and interests. With time, the more reserved students opened up and surprisingly shared with me heavier aspects of their lives. They came to me for advice on bullying as well as more serious matters including a tragic instance of sexual assault. Communicating with the school administration, we were able to remove her from the situation and enroll her as an overnight student. Although my summer there tested me, the positive impact that I had on the students was an exceptionally rewarding and humbling experience that enriched my sense of responsibility for helping others. Working under Dr. Spinazzola at the Animal Hospital of Sayreville further underscored the value of understanding and connecting with clients. In fear of their grandmothers’ health, a clients’ family wanted to be discrete about the cancer diagnoses of their Yorkshire terrier. Mistakenly, the grandmother became aware of the diagnoses and came to the hospital in tears. With a reassuring tone and calm demeanor, Dr. Spinazzola kept her at ease while explaining the pet’s treatment plan. The efforts of Dr. Spinazzola to foster trust, including staying late nights for phone calls to check up on patient health, showed me the care I hope to provide in the future as a companion animal veterinarian. Currently, I work as a research technician at the New York University Center for Neural Science. In Dr.…

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  • Belle's Recovery Case Study

    She’s now one of more than 200 dogs who have been through the Rehab Center. “The dogs in our program have to be able to develop social relationships with people and tolerate leashing and handling by unfamiliar people,” explains Kristen.“From Rescue to Rehab: Belles Story.” ASPCA, ASPCA, 27 July 2016, “Once Belle had that under her belt, we felt pretty confident she could cope with another change in environment.” Belle’s next stop: Sammy’s Hope, an…

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  • The Importance Of Inception

    player would cry begin the procedure, then the lights went off and it flagged the begin of the attack of the green beans. Seniors on the football group would run into the locker room, turn the lights off, pin them to the carpet, and get their colleagues bottom. One exploited person says he was entered from behind and with no hint that would happen. A player 's furious mother said "they were talking in regards to being butt gotten when that is about it, nobody was harmed, and nobody kicked the…

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  • The Narrative Voice Of Drown By Junot Diaz

    building would know what he has done and didn’t want to get caught. In fact, he also was in terror of his father knowing about his homosexual encounter. The strained relationship with his dad acknowledges him too frightened of getting abused by him he states "I don’t know about you, but my pops hits like a motherfucker.” (98). When the narrator figured out his best friend Beto was leaving for college he showed that he didn’t have ambitions, and doesn’t see a different future for himself. “I…

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  • Why Hazing Should Be Banned

    not just hazing but aggravated sexual assault. A player would howl to start the process, then the lights went off and it signaled the start of the assault of the freshmens. Seniors on the football team would run into the locker room, turn the lights off, pin them to the floor, and grab their teammates buttlocks. One victim says he was penetrated from behind and with no clue that would occur. A player’s angry mother said “they were talking about being butt grabbed when thats about it, no one…

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