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  • Common Themes Of Scandinavian Folklore

    Scandinavian Folklore Magical superstitious stories and whimsical creatures define Scandinavian folklore. Tales of great woe and triumph spread a sense of awe to its readers and envelop them with cultural significances. Scandinavian folklore has been passed down for generations with regional customs and superstitions filled with tales of magical and horrendous creatures. Various themes can be found through folklore. It’s themes range from magic, evil creatures, spirits, mischief, lessons, and droll, or humorous, stories. The vast amount of differing themes give Scandinavian folklore a unique and interesting Scandinavian folklore originates from Scandinavia, a region made up of Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, and Denmark. The stories were shared and made by locals, who filled them with culture and popular creatures, such as fairies and trolls. These tales, often made by common folk, were shared in small communities and with passing…

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  • Scandinavian Lore: Legends, Myths, And Fairy Tales

    Most people have their favorite childhood Folklore stories, Scandinavian Lore is the Folklore of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, and Finland. Legends, Myths, and Fairy Tales are a type of Folklore which are normally confused, and hard to identify. Folklore is a collection of stories passed down from generation to generation that include Legends, Myths, and Fairy Tales. Generally a popular story passed from one age to the next. Legends are a traditional story sometimes commonly considered as…

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  • Four Breton Lays: Lay Le Freine, Sir Orfeo

    The symbolism of trees in Breton lays Most Breton lays relate old tales or are inspired by traditional tales. They usually follow the same structure. First, tragedy happens to the hero, then s/he goes on adventures and eventually “fixes” the envent of the beginning which leads to a happy end. In this essay, I am going to focus on the analysis of four Breton lays: Lay le Freine, Sir Degare, Sir Launfal and Sir Orfeo. Two of them – Lay le Freine and Sir Launfal – are based on Anglo-Norman 'lais'…

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  • Cultural Appropriation Examples

    People tend to be unaware what cultural appropriation is. Cultural appropriation defines as when one culture adopts an element of another culture. (Uwujaren 9/30/13) In the world today, many people are witless as to what is culturally appropriate. There are many examples of cultural appropriation today, such as henna tattoos, bindi’s, sports team names, etc. These types of culture or traditions have become a fad for people, especially in America. People who are within the culture tend to get…

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  • Fairy Tales Analysis

    Like any young child growing up fairy tales were everything. They were begged for at night time when sleep was scarce. Fate, a prince, and a princess basically ruled the world of adolescent literature novels. They were a fun way to hear about the mighty knight defeating the dragon to meet the gorgeous princess who was so cruelly locked away. With the thought of telling fairy tales were only for children, film industries are transforming the fairy tale into a realm away from children. While…

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  • Native American Folklore: Legends, Myths, And Fairy Tales

    Folklore is a collection of stories passed down from generation to generation that includes Legends, Myths, and Fairy Tales “Legends- a traditional story that is told over and over throughout several generations that is historic but sometimes unauthentic. Myths- a traditional story, that concerns the early history of a people or explaining some natural or social phenomenon, and typically involving supernatural beings or events. Fairy Tales- a children's story that involves magical and…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Fairy Tales

    Fairy tales are a work of fiction and children are fully aware of that. Taking the fairy tales away from the pre-school and kindergarten students would be wrong because it takes away their chance of developing creative minds and becoming creative thinkers. Children have grown up on these stories for age and should continue to grow up on them because the stories teach children life lessons. (Orde) Fairytales can teach children lessons like manors, helping people, and being courageous in a fun and…

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  • The Influence Of Dancing: Nonverbal Communication

    Throughout human history, how dancing became a method of socializing and a significant part of the human being life is still mysteries for researchers. Besides, studying about this topic is even more fascinating when it comes down to how our brains function while we dance, what signal it sends and receives, etc. However, as far as we know, it is evident that dancing is nonverbal communication. Dancing supports many type of communications as well as are affected by the differences in gender and…

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  • Analysis Of Jacob And Wilhelm Grimm's The Three Feathers

    Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm’s The Three Feathers (1819) is a fairy tale about the underdog in society that gets lucky. The motif of this fairy tale is society; the underdog can get lucky. This fairy tale is about an underdog who is underestimated and undervalued, but in the end he ends up succeeding even though he did not deserve it. Just because an underdog gets lucky it doesn 't mean they deserve the outcome over others. In this fairy tale’s it is questionable to whether or not the main…

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  • My Narrative Story 'Dab Came To Be'

    Greetings. I am a seventh grade student at Brickell Academy. I created a narrative based on traditional literature of a certain culture. From the Woodland Native Americans, my narrative is a modernized approach to their origin and spirit stories. I am 12 years old, and hoping for someone to publish my narrative. It is a modernized story based on the origin stories of Native American tribes. My narrative story is titled “How the Dab Came to Be” for the newer generations to enjoy. The purpose…

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