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  • Chicano Film Analysis

    Personal Connections with Chicano Films Chicano films tell stories that explore many topics and issues that mainly pertain to the experience of being a Mexican- American in the United States. However, many Americans of Hispanic descent, whether they are first generation Hispanic- American or even third generation, can identify with many of the themes, topics, and issues seen in these films. Throughout this course, I have watched a number of films that deal with serious, shocking, saddening, irritating, touching, and even joyful themes that have very much made me reflect on my experience growing up in the U.S. as a Guatemalan- American with two immigrant parents. The two films that I related to the most would have to be El Norte and Mi Familia/My Family; due to the way they explore the issues of the reality of immigration, difficulty in achieving the American dream, the prevalence of immigrants in U.S. labor market, and cultural identity. When it comes to facing the harsh, raw truth of what it means to immigrate to the United States, El Norte and Mi Familia/My Family does a superb job of portraying that issue. I feel that I can relate to this mainly because my parents are immigrants themselves and went through many obstacles and sacrifices just to get here. They left behind their families and friends in order to search for better opportunities here, in addition to traveling with strangers, risking deportation, and just overall having no clue what to expect. After viewing this…

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  • The General Electric Company

    General Electric Company is the world’s global digital industrial company that introduces software-defined machines to create solutions in the industry1. They have been a Fortune 500 company for 21 years2. GE is listed on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) in the United States, and many others for non-U.S. exchanges3. Over the years they have broadened their technologies and services into eight different industrial operating segments and one financial services operating segment4. Industrial…

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  • Hector Sanchez Case Study Essay

    Hector Sanchez Hector Sanchez is 58 years old and is married to Celia. He came to the United States in 1979 as young undocumented agricultural worker. In 1986 he was granted amnesty and given his green card, making him a legal, permanent resident. Hector has never become a citizen, however it has been a goal of his. He has worked very hard his whole life and maintained a steady job with a construction company for the past 18 months. As Hector has gotten older is health has declined. He now…

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  • Martin Luther King And Sartre Comparison

    Freedom can mean many things to many people, freedom to me means being liberated from what once held one in bondage. Although, freedom according to the Merriam Webster’s dictionary gives a concise definition which states: “Liberation from slavery or restraint or from the other power of another: independence. Nevertheless, Martin Luther king Jr. is a well-known activist who fought for the freedom for African Americans. Also know for the March and his I have a dream speech. He wrote a letter…

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  • Economic Growth And Abortion Analysis

    In this section, we discuss the relationship between congestion and regional growth by focusing on the estimation results. As shown in figure 3, we predict how growth of population and employment density change in the 86 largest U.S. metropolitan area when the congestion growth changes. Figure 3 presents that population growth of the largest U.S. cities would decline, whereas employment growth would continue to increase when congestion growth increases. These results indicate that population…

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  • Ataturk Analysis

    Disciplining Modern Turkey: Historiographical analysis of the Ideology of Mustafa Kemal “Atatürk” The longevity of the Ottoman Empire is undeniable. From its beginnings in 1299 to its end in 1922 the Ottomans were one of the world’s longest functioning empires, with its geography reaching to large parts of Africa, Asia, and Arabia. Though the Ottoman’s lasted seven centuries, the empire was in an increasing state of tortuous decline beginning in the sixteenth century. This decline was inflicted…

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  • Difference Between Hegel And Sartre

    This paper is going to discuss the differences between Hegel and Sartre. It is going to discuss the difference between the Idealists and the Existentialists. It will also tackle my own comprehension of the said authors, and will discuss who I find more compelling. Lastly, it is going to conclude. Hegel and Sartre are two very powerful and convincing authors. Their voices in their writings can be heard loud and clear. However, their views clash most of the time. There are also some points…

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  • Essay On Existential Theory

    Existential theory is a theory which in my opinion you need an open heart and mind to be able to fully understand. Existential theory concepts are great and many of the aspects of this theory I agree with. When looking into this theory the main aspect that I appreciated was that a lot of the values were the same as the ones I have. According to our textbook, the existential tradition definition is seeking a balance between recognizing the limits and tragic dimensions of human existence on one…

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  • Fear And Trembling Kierkegaard Analysis

    Kierkegaard, Camus, and Sartre are three main philosophers that have overlapping ideas of Existentialism. Throughout Kierkegaard 's book Fear and Trembling, Camus’ book Absurd Creation, and Sartre’s book Existentialism and play No exit, the idea of the ability for one to make one’s own choices and decisions through free will is shown. These philosophers opened my eyes to a new perspective on what existence precedes essence means. While reading these books, I agreed with some ideas as opposed to…

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  • Existentialism In Shakespeare's Hamlet

    Existentialism “A philosophical theory or approach that emphasizes the existence of the individual person as a free and responsible agent determining their own development through acts of the will.” –Internet meaning Existentialism is the idea that a man lives due to his free will and individuality. That every human define their own meaning in life. It also tackles what is human existence and that human defines their own meaning of life. This idea believes that there is no God, or any higher…

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