Hector Sanchez Case Study Essay

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Hector Sanchez Hector Sanchez is 58 years old and is married to Celia. He came to the United States in 1979 as young undocumented agricultural worker. In 1986 he was granted amnesty and given his green card, making him a legal, permanent resident. Hector has never become a citizen, however it has been a goal of his. He has worked very hard his whole life and maintained a steady job with a construction company for the past 18 months. As Hector has gotten older is health has declined. He now has diabetes and high blood pressure. His job is physically demanding and he worries about the number of years his body will allow him to work. At times his income is sporadic and his boss suggested that there might be layoffs in the near future. Hector …show more content…
Encouraging businesses from around the area to teach people about their line of work and what they do. Like a job fair, but with hands on training. Anyone of legal working age could attend these monthly workshops and gain skills that are necessary in today’s workforce. By attending these workshops Hector would get to know more about what businesses are nearby and he could build a relationship with a prospective employer.
In looking at the Sanchez case it is clear that the social worker has a tough job. There are many theories and perspectives to consider when devising a case plan for this family. What is right for Celia may not be what is right for Hector and vice versa. Celia needs more help on the micro and mezzo level, where her husband would benefit most from help at the mezzo and macro level.
By implementing many of the ideas listed, the hope would be that the Sanchez family would eliminate some of their stress, bring in more income, help their nephew relocate, learn English, and intern be able to understand the health needs of their two daughters and get through the legal battle of adopting their

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