Chicano Film Analysis

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Personal Connections with Chicano Films
Chicano films tell stories that explore many topics and issues that mainly pertain to the experience of being a Mexican- American in the United States. However, many Americans of Hispanic descent, whether they are first generation Hispanic- American or even third generation, can identify with many of the themes, topics, and issues seen in these films. Throughout this course, I have watched a number of films that deal with serious, shocking, saddening, irritating, touching, and even joyful themes that have very much made me reflect on my experience growing up in the U.S. as a Guatemalan- American with two immigrant parents. The two films that I related to the most would have to be El Norte and Mi Familia/My Family; due to the way they explore the issues of the reality of immigration, difficulty in achieving the American dream, the prevalence of immigrants in U.S. labor market, and cultural identity.
When it comes to facing the harsh, raw truth of what it means to immigrate to the United States, El Norte and Mi Familia/My Family does a superb job of portraying that issue. I feel that I can relate to this mainly because my parents are immigrants themselves and went through many obstacles and sacrifices just to get here. They left behind their families and friends in order to search for better opportunities here, in addition to traveling with strangers, risking
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labor market, and cultural identity. After watching these films, I was really able to reflect on my parents’ experiences as immigrants, and even my own issues with identity. Both El Norte and Mi Familia/My Family have made me develop a deeper understanding and newfound appreciation for my family, my parents’ struggles, and my

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