Personal Narrative: My Family Migration Story

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My families’ migration story dates back to three generations. My great-grandfather came to the United States for the first time through the Bracero Program; a program that “brought millions of Mexican guest workers to the United States [which] grew out of a series of bilateral agreements between Mexico and the United States short-term, from 1942 to 1964.” Unfortunately, my great-grandfather passed away a while back when I was very young, therefore, for this assignment, I decided to acknowledge my parents’ migration story, a story that relies on a series of events that tore our family apart but simultaneously brought us closer together. I interviewed my mother and my father regarding, their own individual migration stories while also focusing …show more content…
My mother Josefina Aguilar and father Jaime Aguilar, both fifty-two years of age were both born and raised in the same small city in Zacatecas, Mexico: Enrique Estrada. They met when they started their schooling in Mexico at the age of four and remained in the same class up until the seventh grade when my father migrated to the United States with his entire family. My father grew up very poor, being the son of a homemaker and a farmer, having five sisters and four brothers, ten children in total including him, they lived in a very small two-bedroom home just outside of their city. My mother, however, grew up with a different set of life circumstances. She grew up in a large home in a more affluent area of their city with her sister and her parents who owned and ran two businesses. Unlike my father, my mother lived in Mexico until the age of 24, after she finished her primary and secondary schooling she got an accounting degree at the university located in the capital of the state. At the age of 24 my father and my mother married, he lived in the US at the time, worked here, and made a life for himself with his daughter he had from a previous marriage. My mother gave up her life in Mexico to be with my father in the US and once they migrated, in the span of 6 years, my mother had her three children, my two older sisters, followed by me, the youngest and only

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