Journey Of My Family Migration

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My family’s migration story goes back to when my father was born in the sovereign state of Guanajuato in Mexico. He migrated to this country in 1983 at the young age of eighteen facing many challenges along the way such as racism and the fact that he had nothing to his name. His journey was long and difficult as he traveled alongside his cousin and a coyote leading the way. Although my father did not enter the country in a way that is considered “legal” he felt he needed to in order to attempt to achieve a better life. Gloria Anzaldúa perfectly states how it is like to cross the border in The Homeland, Aztlán/El otro México when she says:
“Those who make it past the checking point of the Border Patrol find themselves in the midst of 150 years
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My father was poor and became a gardener in order to make money and send some back to Mexico in order to help support his family. When my father moved to Bakersfield he met my mother. On my other side of my family is my mom who was born in Pomona and moved to Bakersfield as a child. Although my mom did not migrate from a completely different country she moved from a city to a new one. The definition of migration is the relocation from one area to another, and although my mom does not have a remarkable life changing story like my dad she does understand what it is like to leave a place that was once called home. Now I am on my way to writing my own migration story on how I have moved to Davis. Living in Davis has been the first time I have lived away from my family even if Bakersfield is only four hours away it feels so far. It is incredible to imagine how my father has managed to move hundreds of miles from his birthplace in order to achieve a better life and future. My father has sacrificed so much and I have so much respect for him. In a way I feel that I am following in his footsteps by moving to Davis in order to obtain a better education to secure a better future for myself. I have been blessed with the opportunity to move to Davis and be part of such a caring …show more content…
I am aware that my parents do love me, but that does not mean they would approve of my choices of who I choose to love. I can relate to the feeling of the main character in the film because I know that my parents are not very fond of the idea of homosexuality so discovering that I am bisexual may be greeted with disapproval from my parents. Although I am not exactly running away from home in order to freely express myself like the character in the film I am however similarly only able to truly define who I am when I am away from my

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