Real Women Have Curves Analysis

In the film Real Women Have Curves, which is a coming of age story, the main conflict was between a daughter, Ana, and her mother, Carmen. The mother and daughter cannot get along because of their age and traditional differences. Ana’s mother was old fashioned and wanted her daughter to graduate highschool, lose weight, join the family in their dressmaking business, and find a husband. Ana did not want her life to be this way and wanted to go to college and be and educated women who finds true love and not just a man willing to marry her. Carmen justifies her behaviors by saying she does not want her daughter to go to college because she did not want her family to be spilt up and it was Ana’s duty to her family to work in the factory and help …show more content…
The movie also sent a message that young women should be allowed to be educated and should also be proud of their education. That young ladies do not need men to define and provide for them. Ana’s character was a good student who proud of being smart and wanted to continue her education. Carmen her mother said that “ men don’t like smart women”. The movie showcased a smart, young, and confident girl who faced her family being upset with her to follow her dream of college and it is inspiring for young ladies to watch.
I think the intended audience of the of the movie was young girls who are coming of age. The movie did showcase a hispanic family and some of their traditions and beliefs but all young women who watch it can take away a sense of empowerment. It could also teach that parents are their to raise you but that the child may not always agree with them and that making decisions that benefit them may be hard, but it may also be
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She had two statues that sat in her kitchen as good luck for her daughters to find men willing to marry them. Carmen says to her daughter that she is not pretty and should lose weight for a man to like her. Carmen herself was an overweight woman but justified it being okay because she was already married. Because Carmen constantly tell this to Ana, she begins to believe it. The dilemma is handled in the movie by Ana having a love interest who loves her body the way it was and this helps her confidence. Carmen and Ana never solve the disagreement over her weight, but she shows her mother that she loves her body when one day in the factory it is so hot the Ana strips down to her underwear and she gets the other ladies to do the

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