Why Hazing Should Be Persuasive Speech

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It’s just starts by a simple “game or ritual,” then ends up of having horrific consequences causing deaths, physical, emotional, and/ or mental instability. Hazing should be banned throughout the world because it’s the main cause of bullying, it’s the number one problem in colleges or universities, and it’s has resulted in outrageous deaths. There has been an increase of hazing throughout the years and even though there has been more help it just doesn’t seem to stop. Now in days hazing can be found in any sport activity but you might not identified it as is because many students are afraid to report it.That one situations that they say is no Big deal might end up to being the cover of the worldwide news. First of all, it’s the …show more content…
They are mostly unintentional deaths. Many die during the ritual process and more than 1.5 million deaths occur just each year. Tragic incidents seem to occur more and more throughout the years because of physical injuries. An example of a tragical event is when a Florida A&M drum major died over being hazed by an band member. At the time of the death, Robert Champion was 26 years old. Robert was a popular drum major at Florida A&M University marching band. He was just an usual university student trying to fit in with his peers. Mr. Champion was involved with an traditional ritual called “Crossing Bus C.” It consisted of band members walking in a bus at a dark, parking lot from one end of the parked bus, as other band members beat them. They accepted the ritual because it was tradition as a result to stroke respect and create bonds. In the trial process the orange county district attorney said, “he died because his friends beat him to death.” In Mr. Champion death there were originally 15 band members charged. Robert in result from the ritual he died from “hemorrhagic shock caused by blunt force trauma,” according to the medical examiner’s report. Mr. Champion was kicked, shoved, and struck with fists. Robert was brutally hit with drumstick and mallets by as many 20 band members ( it was dark). The goal was to reach the end of the bus quickly as possible. He didn’t walk off the bus because he died in the hotel parking lot. It’s not the first popular hazing situation to happen at Florida A&M University. In 1998 and 2001, 2 students were beaten or paddled so forcefully that they sustained acute injuries. Before two weeks Robert’s death, more than 2 dozen trombonists and clarinets were suspended for participating in hazing. HIs death could 've been prevented if the university administers would of took in consideration the hazing problems they had in the past

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