Environmental Effects Of Bullying

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In every culture, the basic underlying principal is socialization; which establishes what behaviors, emotions, and actions are acceptable in society. This principal focuses on the development of morality, which correlates to children and adolescents who are excessively aggressive. The most prominent display of aggression is found in the form bullying. Bullying is a method of forceful conduct in which someone purposely and repetitively causes another person injury. Bullying takes on many forms, such as physical, verbal, emotional, and cyber-bullying. This essay will examine the theories associated with bullying and what can be done to prevent bullying from taking place in the school system. Recently, the detrimental effects of bullying in schools …show more content…
There are significant physical and emotional aspects, which contribute to the overall development of those who are affected. Bullying is no longer recognized as a harmless situation that is prone to happen during teenage years. The brawl on the school playground, the name-calling in the classroom, and the hazing at a university are situations that are increasingly recognized. For victims of bullying, there sense of self worth is diminished, as they are made to feel unwanted and worthless. Bullying can lead to depression, suicide, drug use, and decreased social development. These problems do not merely end during the school years, but continue with an individual for the rest of their lives. Another effect of bullying has been portrayed by the significant media coverage of school shootings and school related violence. There are almost 200,000 children who stay home from school in fear that they will be bullied at school. This increases the chances of these children to drop out of school altogether. School bullying as caused for nearly 87 percent of students to perceive school related violence as a means of retaliation (NoBullying, 2014). Children and adolescents who are the victims of bullying or those who are bullying are at an increased risk of portraying negative lifestyles. At this rate, all parties that are involved are affected at great lengths. Understanding the statistics and the cause of these terrible acts is a measure that leads professionals, parents and teachers one step closer to decreasing the rates of bullying and the effects

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