Saving Face

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  • Conflict Resolution Case Study Essay

    The concept of face and how it relates to conflict can be complicated. However, understanding and evaluating the role that face plays in a conflict can help those involved understand the actions of the others involved and possibly hold a key toward resolving the conflict. In the Conflict and a R&D Organization case, saving face plays a prominent role in the conflict between Glenn and Greg (Conflict in an R&D, n.d.). Glenn and Greg both are concerned with face loss, this concern contributes to Glenn and Greg’s inability to resolve the conflict and understanding the role face-saving played in this conflict could have meant a different outcome (Conflict in an R&D, n.d.; Folger, Poole, & Stutman, 2013, p. 177-202). Both Glenn and Greg have concerns over positive and negative face (Conflict in an R&D, n.d.; Folger, Poole, & Stutman, 2013, p. 177). For Glenn, his desire to maintain positive face explains a great deal about his actions. Positive face refers to…

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  • Character Analysis Of Saving Face By Vivian Shing

    your life. I could not help myself ,but think of the Facts of Life theme song after seeing the new romantic comedy/drama movie Saving Face. Saving Face is a 2004 movie directed by, Alice Wu, is about an American theatrical release featuring an Asian American lesbian couple. One character that stands out in the story is, Vivian Shing, (Lynn Chen) because, Vivian Shing, is a typical boy-meets-girl, boy-gets-girl, boy-loses-girl, boy-gets-girl-again story except its girl, and girl in this clash of…

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  • Where The L Word Saving Face Analysis

    that are playing out on screen. The L Word does a wonderful catering to the desires of locals whereas Saving Face gave locals little to no attention at all. Far and away the best example of The L Word entertaining the locals is when the gang is trying to figure out if the sous chef, Lara, is a lesbian. They berate Dana with questions about Lara’s appearance, actions and personality. All the answers are systematically computed and they cannot determine if Lara is lesbian or not. So the logical…

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  • Fresh Off The Boat And Saving Face Analysis

    This semester it has become clear to me that Asian culture has very strict guidelines that they must abide by when it comes to how they conduct themselves in everyday life. There are many stereotypes about Asian culture that are not true and effect how Asian society reacts to them. These stereotypes affect how males and females in Asian culture react when put in a non-Asian environment. “Non-normative” representations of sex and sexuality were displayed in “Better Luck Tomorrow,” “Fresh off the…

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  • Savings Account

    Having a savings account and investing in real estate can both be options. Due to the fact that the process and structure of how a savings account works and investing in real estate, they will bring up some similarities and differences. Having a savings account and making an investment is different. It’s imperative to know the differences in order to…

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  • Betting Vs Bookies

    The investment may be dissolved very quickly without losses, which means putting your money into flexible savings accounts that usually only produce a small amount of interest. You need to add to your emergency fund every month. This means it is going to grow increasingly large as time goes on, but if you are building wealth correctly, then you will need a larger emergency fund. The point of an emergency fund is to help ensure you do not dip into your investments in any way. It is your…

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  • Financial Peace Revisited Book Report

    Finances are a sore subject for many people. At some point the realization that help is needed can often come too late or be overlooked. The desire to ask for financial assistance or guidance destroys a person’s sense of pride, however, the aftermath can be much more devastating. The book Financial Peace Revisited provided multiple point pertaining to finance changes, personal growth, economic realization, potential saving methods and so on. For starters, the first point Financial Peace…

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  • Financial Retirement Essay

    Retirement: Financial Shortfall Most everyone has to ask themselves at some point in their life if they are ready to retire. There are many factors that come into play to answer that question but the biggest factor for most people is financial readiness. In 2010, Forty-four percent of U.S. workers had not saved an adequate amount to retire at the normal age for full Social Security benefits, according to the Survey of Consumer Finances (SCF) model target (Pang, Warshawsky, & Watson, 2014). The…

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  • Retirement Plan

    retirement plans are made available, I realized that investing in a plan now while I am young will better prepare me for my future. Through various resources, like financial planning books and articles, I created a investment plan that fits my lifestyle and will not leave me dependent on social security. Retirement Plan To determine the amount of money I will need for retirement, I used the CNN money calculator with references from Dave Ramsey to calculate savings for each month. If I am working…

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  • Financial Occurrency

    learn how to save at the ages of one or two. Yet in reality the best way to teach them the value of money at a young age is to buy them a piggy bank. Every week hand them spare coins and show them how to drop the money in their piggy bank. The leading way to teach this is by making the occasion a positive and rewarding outcome once they deposit the money. Showing signs of joy and excitement will support the child’s understanding that putting money away is a positive situation, instead of making…

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