Savannah Hart Speech

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As I watched Savannah Hart accept the annual New York City perseverance award with a standing ovation from the audience on TV, I lost it. That moment was the last straw.

Savannah Hart is loved by the entire world. Little kids all across the nation look up to her. She singlehandedly discovered the cure for cancer while devoting her life to helping the school districts of New York City and the education system in Africa. Nevertheless, she does all this while coping with a serious heart condition.

"How does she do it?” is a question that gets asked by people across the world everyday. I am going to let you in on a little secret: She doesn’t. Savannah Hart is a fraud. Here’s how “She did it."

Back in Yale, The Remedium Institute, a secret research center known by few for its groundbreaking discoveries in research, were looking to hire a fresh, college student. It was me vs her. We were both trying to land the job, but we knew only one of us would get hired. After weeks of being evaluated and interviewed, I won the job. My career was taking off as I was the youngest person to be hired by The Remedium Institute. For the first years of my career, I worked with a team of scientists on cancer research. We worked crazy hours. After countless nights of no-sleep, my team discovered a medicine that cured the cancer in rodents. We were days away from a cure in humans.
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However, this didn’t matter to us. Who cared if we were breaking rules if we were going to save so many lives. Somehow, Savannah Hart found out. She realized this newfound piece of knowledge was her chance to get revenge on me for taking the spot at the Remedium

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