Argumentative Essay: Women Should Be On The Front Lines

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Females can do the same jobs males do or maybe even better in some cases. When you think of the people fighting on the front lines in combat you think of males, because they 're normally on the army posters. Women can make a big difference in the armed forces and contribute as well as the men. Vernice Armour says, "Bottom line is if you can do the job, you should be out there doing or a woman" (picture caption). Women were band from the military in 1994 but in 2013, Leon Panetta and General Martin Dempseysign a memorandum ending the 1994 ban on women serving in combat roles in the military (The Guardian). Women should be on the front lines with the men serving are country.

“Women have plenty of opportunities in the military over 14,000
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And in recent times, even with the ban on women in combat in place, women have been POWs" (CNN paragraph 7).

Not every men can be fit enough to do the job, that maybe a women can do. "Honestly, I am offended by how many times I hear 'women in combat ' and 'lowering standards ' used in the same

sentence. True, the average man is physically stronger than the average woman" (CNN paragraph 8).

"Just look at the plot in the blockbuster movie "The Hunger Games." Females and males are expected to kill each other without as much as a hiccup of hesitation"(Fox News paragraph 7).

The move showed people that women are just as good as men, when stuck in a combat situation. Still many people think women shouldn’t be allowed to show there support on the front lines.

Some men will say the army isn 't a place for women. McCain said When a reporter suggested that American military women were already in combat roles — more than 150 women have died and nearly 1,000 have been wounded in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan"(NBC news). Either way the women know how to get the job done. Front line should be a place for anyone who is willing to give up there life to keep are
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Not ever man and get the job done the right was some women can do the same job but 10 times better then any male could 've done.

Believe it or not women are just as strong as men in many ways some men can 't even change a diaper with out almost throwing up. Women suck it up and get the job done if it weren 't for women men wouldn 't be able to do a lot of thing. Women help keep control to everyone daily lives. So having them on are front lines could have a big impact one are armed forces many good ways.

“Perhaps the most important argument for maintaining gender equality at every level is that it’s necessary to truly enable women to have successful careers within the military”(the muse). The armed forces need to treat everyone equally no matter what gender. Women are allowed to be on the front lines if they choose to. No one can force someone to do something they don 't want to do either.

Everyone has to pass the same recommendations to be in the armed forces and on the front lines not everyone wants to be there , if that where you want to be put the effort forward. Fight to be up there with the other men and women that are trying to prove everyone

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