Gender Differences In Canada

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From the twentieth century onwards, Canada has become an independent nation in the world as the British Empire has past the Statue of Westminster 1931. It is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, which agrees the separations of colonies from the British Empire. With the independence, Canada has its own choices to draw up policies and make decisions. When the war has broken out in 1939 because of the German invasion of Poland, the Canadian government has also made the decision of joining the Allies against the Nazis on September 10, 1939, with its own rights and choices. World War II is seen as “an important transition in the development of Canada”, which is also called as “The Good Fight” by the Canadian historians J.L Granatstein …show more content…
With the improvement of standard living and working environment, Canadians have a stronger patriotism towards the country and a better lifestyle. Among all the social impacts, the most affected influence is the gender roles. Gender unfairness between males and females are common in the past Canadian society. Females have a lower social class than males and they do not have rights to make choices. During the wartime, the problem of gender differences has improved; women can hold a post in the society or the Armed Forces. Women believes that “Husbands, brothers, fathers, boyfriends were all joining up – doing something to help win the war. Surely women could help, as well!”, so a group of women have organized the Women’s Volunteer Service in Victoria, BC in 1938. They are given military trainings and jobs such as military clerical works, map readings, vehicles driving, and first aid. With numerous educations and occupations, females have the rights to learn and work in the society instead of being a wife and work at home. There is also an increased tendency of females who are willing to help the war. According to the records, there are “about 6700 women” have enrolled in the voluntary organizations by 1941 or joined the Canadian Women’s Auxiliary Air Force. It is the first Armed Service from the Air Force that is opened to women, which illustrates that the gender unfairness between males and females has changed. At that time, men are not the only one who fight in the war, but also women contribute in another way, “We Serve That Men May Fly; We Serve That Men May Fight; We Are the Women Behind the Men Behind the Guns.” With the women’s hard work, there are different organizations hold by them including the Canadian Women’s Army Corps and Royal Canadian Air Force. Apart from the gender roles in the Armed Forces, there are more opportunities for women to participate into the

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