The Importance Of Canada To Join World War II

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World War II is called a world war for a reason, and that reason is that it affected everybody, all across the world, not just in Europe and Asia. It even affected the peace loving people of the Dominion of Canada. The Nazis of Germany posed an extreme threat to the world, and a lot of the world acted. Why should Canada remain dormant while they fight? Germany 's imminent threat posed enough of a danger to the world to justify joining the war, and that is just what Canada did. They joined not because Britain did (although did Canada have similar intentions as Britain), but because they felt as though they could prove to be a valuable asset in defeating the Nazis. Canadians also knew that if Germany had successfully taken over and defeated Europe, …show more content…
Canada was not obligated to follow Britain blindly into war with Germany in World War II, like they were in World War I. Canada, since then, had become a much more independent country capable of making its own decisions, and fighting their own battles. It was diplomatically decided that Canada was to join the war, one week after Britain did, but not solely because Britain did. The interests of Britain and Canada were not exactly the same, but did share some major similarities. Germany was after the land and power of Britain and surrounding countries, so they had to go to war to defend themselves and the countries around them. Germany was never after Canada 's land, yet Canada still joined the war. The interest that both Britain and Canada shared was the interest of world peace, and the prevention of the injustices that Germany was committing. Had Britain not joined the war, Canada would have felt the same way about the actions of Germany, and still done something to help stop them. Canadians took action when action was needed, whether they were told to do so or not, and those actions were well needed. Canada assisted Britain for their own sakes as well as for the sake of other European countries. At the time there were still major ties between Britain and Canada, and if Britain had fallen to Germany, Canada …show more content…
During World War II, things were a little different. Canada had quite a large military force, and was seen by the world as very capable of war, just coming out of World War I. They were also an ally of Britain, the largest military force at the time. As the largest military force, it was up to Britain to protect all its small colonies, and countries that surrounded it. By extension, it was Canada 's duty to protect the smaller and weaker countries as well, since they were more developed and had a larger military force than other countries at the time. At the start of World War II when Britain declared war, Canadians must have realized that they could use what they had to assist other countries that had less than themselves. Canada was not obligated by anyone to come to the aid of the other countries, but they did as though it was their duty to do so. Since they had a lot more resources that could be used for war than other countries, it was up to them to step in when help was needed most.
The Second World War did not affect Canadians directly, but it did still affect them nonetheless, causing Canada to join the war. They could not sit idle while the evil power of Germany rose over the ocean. They also could not sit idle while their allies fought against this evil. Furthermore, Canada was a strong independent country who had to ability

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