Principle Of Catapult

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Jack Shumski
Professor Verdecia
Fire Technology 102
20 November 2017 Physical Principle of a Catapult to The Fire Service

A catapult does many different things that relate to different physical principles. The big physical principle of the catapult is it uses Newton's first, second and third law. In fact, also all three of Newton's law can relate a lot to the fire service and how it operates. This essay will relate the physical principle of the catapult, to Newton's laws and how it relates to the fire service. It addresses three main ideas: what Newton's laws are, how Newton laws relate to the catapult and how do Newton's laws relate to the fire service. This will pinpoint main ideas of the fire service and how Newton's laws are used every
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Catapults are one good way to learn about the relationship between force, mass, and acceleration. The mass and weight of the payload will affect the power distance of the launch also the less mass the payload has the more resistance it will get from air resistance. The force applied to the projectile object should also be applied to the catapult accept in the opposite direction. Although the ball accelerates a lot more than the catapult does, this is because mass is inversely proportional to acceleration. This is also why the catapult hardly moves at all because its mass is much …show more content…
The energy that the firefighting will be using is pushing, pulling and more. Also, Newton's first law can be played into the4 fire ground. Wind can make the fire move, causing it to spread. The wind is the force pushing the fire to move in different directions. When a firefighter Is using a hose, depending on the pressure being sent through the nozzle is depending on how effective the water will be on putting the fire out, for strength and distance. Also, depending on the heat index of the fire determines if the water will evaporate instead of hitting the fire. So, the force of the water coming from the nozzle has to be very strong. Another, force of the water when coming out of the hose is greater than the resistance of someone holding the hose. If there is greater water pressure coming out of the hose, then the person back of the hose will move backward. Lastly, when there is a fire, by putting water on it, the fire will go out. If you put water on an electrical fire then it will spark and regenerate into an explosion making it worse. So, with that, you will need a special type of fire extinguisher. For every action, there’s an equal and opposite

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