The Middle Ages

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Rainier Edward C. Bolima
9 - Argon
The Middle Ages was not a good period for women, the poor and basically the whole population of Europe to live in. With an unequal, unhealthy and unstable society, we can say that this period is a failure compared to today, or is ours a failure too?
To compare and contrast the two I used the conditions of present-day Philippines.
To start, we have social hierarchy and how the people under these classes stand in the society. In the Middle ages, people fall into three estates: The Aristocracy, The Clergy and The Peasantry. In the Philippines, although no law actually indicates the presence of a social class, people either belong to the high, middle or low-income class. Present-day Philippines and The Middle
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The biggest difference and similarity in the governments of both periods (still referring to present-day Philippines for the other period) is the involvement of the church. In the middle ages, the church is basically the government, they rule, govern and like almost every other governing body, they corrupt, both the people’s wealth and minds but in the present day the church has no direct influence on how the government governs but like in the middle ages, the church has a great impact on the government, being a majority Catholic country the Philippine government abides by the rules and laws of the church indirectly even if it is not a law of the government to follow all laws of the Catholic church, however due to the government and the people’s religiosity, laws that oppose the church tend to get vetoed or rejected like the RH Bill and the church’s opinions on issues especially those that are related to government officials greatly influence the opinions of government officials and the population like the rampant extra judicial killing in the …show more content…
This is the part where the present period really excels at especially compared to the middle ages where women of both higher and lower class only have a small impact on society as their jobs are usually concentrated or reserved to their homes wherein the women of today serve greater purpose in the society and sometimes are even more relevant than men in some cases. However, there are still hints of male superiority in the present-day world as men still dominate in certain important portions or fields in the society like the government for example but is not that concerning as the gender inequality experienced in the middle ages wherein there is almost no female presence and/or impact in the

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