Essay On The Middle Ages

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The Middle Ages began in 500 CE after the fall of the Western Roman Empire, and ended in 1350 CE. People of this time lived in a feudal system. Their social hierarchy started at the bottom with peasants, then knights, then nobles, then the king. These people were very religious and dedicated to the Catholic church. The rise of education and universities is what kept this period from being completely dark. However, many events took place over this time period that made the majority of the Middle ages dark. This includes the lack of government and the horrors of the Black Death.
After the fall of the Western Roman Empire, the Middle Ages slipped into the Dark Ages. There was a huge lack of government during the beginning of this time period.
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The Bubonic Plague was a disease that started in 1347 and was spread by fleas on rats. This disease wiped out about half of Europes population, and caused tragedy throughout the cities. According to The Florentine Chronicle, “...then more bodies were put on top of them, with a little more dirt over those; they put layer on layer just like one puts layers of cheese in lasagna” (Stefani). The Bubonic plauge wiped out the population so rapidly, they did not even have enough time to properly bury all the bodies. The plauge not only killed people quickly, it also spread across Europe quickly. According to the “Spread of the Black Death” map, but 1350 the plague spread over all of the United Kingdom, Italy, and Germany (Wadsworth). The plauge affected people all over Europe. This disease also destroyed relationships between the people. According to The Florentine Chronicle, “Child abandoned the father, husband the wife, wife the husband, one brother the other, one sister the other” (Stefani). Everyone wanted to avoid the sickness, so they had to end their relationships. This disease would tear families apart. The Bubonic Plauge not only ended the Middle Ages, but it also made them dark. However, not all of the Middle Ages was

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