How Did The Renaissance Change European Culture And Society?

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The Renaissance was the start of the new developments and the branching away from religious paintings. "Rebirth" was the nickname and the French translational for Renaissance. The Renaissance was mainly about literature and learning as said in this quote: “By the term Renaissance (" New Birth"), used in its narrower sense, is meant that new enthusiasm for classical literature, learning, and art which sprang up in Italy towards the close of the Middle Ages…” (“The Renaissance”). This time period was all about upgrading their doings or restructuring the way things were done. "During the Renaissance, a revolution in philosophy, science and mathematics dramatically changed arts and culture in Europe." (Abruzzo, "How Did the Renaissance Change European Culture & Society?"). The Renaissance is the main reason why …show more content…
One, of the many, smart man started this whole revolution, and his name was Johannes Gutenberg. His most famous creation was the printing press. How did the printing press start a new revolution? Well, Gutenberg’s invention increased the amount of literature copies being printed. The first piece of literature that was printed was the Bible. The printing press also allowed information to spread throughout the town or city even easier. The spreading of information allowed the middle class to be educated, as it is said in this quote: "The printing press revolutionized communication -- suddenly, the middle classes were able to educate themselves." (Abruzzo, "How Did the Renaissance Change European Culture & Society?"). The main folks that were getting education during this time were the upper (rich) class. Although the middle class was able to be educated, the lower class still not able to receive education. Now that more citizens were getting education, more people would buy books (because of the printing press) and more books were being made and

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