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  • Chocolate Chip Cookies

    yummy cookies! It is hard to choose what I like best! Here are a few cookies, just to name a few. Chocolate Chip There are many different types of chocolate chip cookies. There are so many different recipes. Here is just one. First, you will need to get the ingredients. Those ingredients are: 4.5 cups of flour, 2 cups softened butter, 2 teaspoons baking soda, 1.5 cups of packed brown sugar, ½ cup white sugar, 2 (3.4 ounce) packages of instant pudding, 2 teaspoons vanilla extract, 4 eggs, and 4 cups of semisweet chocolate chips. Once, you have your ingredients you will need to preheat the oven to 350o. Then, mix the butter, brown sugar, and white sugar. Next, blend in the instant pudding mix. After that,…

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  • Christmas Cookies Essay

    For as long as I can remember a tradition in the Janowitz household was making Christmas cookies. My mom and I made cookies as basic as sugar cookies to double chocolate chip peanut butter. The house would smell like chocolate for days and it would take weeks to remove all of the sugar from the counter and floors. However, it was all worth it. The childhood fantasies within me were content and I even became creative with the cookies. Sadly the fantasies and excitement eventually faded and the…

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  • My Gingerbread Cookies

    particular is what I will be telling you about. The time I had to make gingerbread cookies for the first time. It may sound like this story should be pleasant or funny. It is funny and has some good points in it, but it’s the reason why I had to make the gingerbread cookies that make this story a unpleasant on for me. To give some back story my mother was the one to always make the gingerbread cookies. It was something our family did. The girls: My mother, my sister and I would bake the cookies,…

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  • Cooky: A Short Story

    Cookies?” She was very confused with those words since she never heard them before since she doesn’t remember her past life before Hydra kidnapped her. “Candy is a sweet food with sugar combined with different types of food. Like fruit, chocolate, or nuts. Cookies is a small sweet cake that is round.” Phil explained “Here is a candy bar and a cookie.” Phil puts down a chocolate bar and milk chocolate bag in front of her. She glances up to him between the sweets in front of her. “Go…

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  • Make Sugar Cookies Essay

    recipe. Making cookies can be a fun activity for the family, the kids can decorate them and well the adults can eat them. Sugar cookies could also make a great snack to bring to a small get together. Before gathering your ingredients, you will want to preheat your oven to the temperature of 375 degrees Fahrenheit. For this easy recipe you will need the following ingredients; 2 ¾ cups of cups of all purpose flour, 1 ½ cup of white sugar, 1 teaspoon of baking soda, 1 egg, 1/2 teaspoon of baking…

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  • Baking Cookies Persuasive Essay

    Since the beginning of civilization, communities have always been formed. Neanderthals learned to survive in groups, no one man traveled by sea, and not one person can run a country by themselves. We all have our personal opinions, but not everyone is willing to sacrifice in order to see a “Greater Good”. It may not always be necessary, but at times it is better to be able to give up one thing, to make others better. Let’s look at school. You are in a group for Foods and your group is baking…

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  • Cranberry Cookies Research Paper

    This is my recipe for oatmeal cranberry cookies. Don’t be fooled by the title, there is more to this cookie than just oats and cranberries. Should you decide to follow this recipe, you could possibly be making the best oatmeal cookies, you have ever tasted? I have made these cookies for about four years now, and I have never had a complaint, and I am sure you won’t have any either. For allergy reasons, I must inform you in advance that this recipe has nuts listed in the ingredients, you may…

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  • Santa Cookies Research Paper

    Cookies with Santa It’s that time a year again! Last year we hired a Professional Santa and his wife for the event, additionally we pitched in and designed a Christmas Stage for fun and exciting pictures with Santa (for the kids anyway). Mrs. Claus accompanied Santa reading the Christmas story to children, while other children visited with Santa. Let’s get in the holiday spirit once again! About 65 children attended the event last year. I expect 60-80 kids this year. We had 240 cookies…

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  • Cookie Cookies Case Study Solution

    1. For this question I will assume that the rush order is of one dozen cookies, and that it’s the first order of the day meaning that there is no batch of cookies currently in the oven so no waiting time. Additionaly, since it’s a rush order there will be no waiting time between steps. The total time is of 26 minutes: Activity Cycle time Capacity Wash/Mix/Turn On+Spoon on tray 8 minutes 7.5 dozen/hour Put into oven/ Bake 10 minutes 6 dozen/hour Take out/ Cool 5 minutes 12 dozen/hour Pack…

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  • Argumentative Essay About Cookies

    know, but the information is so good, that I would probably continue to in the realist sense stalk them. Once I have all this information, my knowledge will expand. Being invisible has given me that knowledge, but the invisibility of that knowledge to that people is something that I think is unfair. The knowledge has given me power, has made me see things from multiple perspectives, so I think it’s only fair that everyone knows. I wouldn 't be able to give them all the information I have…

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