The Importance Of Hemp In Human Health

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Paragraph IIA
Thesis: Instead of putting restricted rules on growing hemp, government should legalize the planting of hemp due to its valuable content and it is people’s basic freedom.

Instead of restricting the production of hemp, the United States government should legalize the planting of hemp due to its beneficial value to society while fulfilling the natural rights and freedom of America.
Hemp planting is currently considered illegal, but due to its value in different field and people’s natural right, it becomes a highly debated case. Two scholars, Rodriguez-Leyva and Pierce, present the cardiac and haemostatic effects of dietary hempseed to show people the benefit and nutritional value of hemp. Hemp, also known as Cannabis sativa L.,
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To be specific, it helps control the “regulation of vascular tone, homeostasis of blood pressure and proliferation of vascular smooth muscle cells” (CITE). The hempseed has a rich content of linoleic acid, which reduces the cholesterol level of the body, and low cholesterol helps decrease the risk of heart attack. It also contributes in regulation and avoidance of blood pressure. (Rodriguez-Leyva and Pierce). Their arguments mainly focus on the contribution of hemp in human health. By pointing out the important nutrient value of hemp, authors want readers to realize hemp is not a regular plant, and convince readers to eat more hemp food. Knowing the benefits of hemp, government should reconsider the decision of banning any food that contains hemp. Every person has his or her own human dignity that cannot be taken away by others, but what American government is doing right now basically violate people’s freedom, and directly putting them in a severe situation—not able to eat healthy. Even though people understand the nutrition or value of hemp, they cannot plant them for health concern. United State is well known for its liberty, but in this case, freedom becomes a façade in reality. People should have the rights to plant healthy food like hemp. In addition to that, instead of …show more content…
Drivers deserve the freedom to choose which kind of fuel they want to use; farmers should have the liberty to decide what kind of plants they want to grow. What government is doing is violating human rights and human dignity. Such good source for clothing should not be buried, and unused since there are people who need them. Government should not be the one prohibit the plating of hemp, but instead it is people’s natural right to choose whether to grow hemp or not. Furthermore, Los Angeles Times publishes an article suggesting the content of hemp will not affect human mentally. “Flower buds of marijuana plants typically contain 5% to 25% of THC by dry weight, Levine said. By contrast, the hemp harvested to make foods and other products has buds with 0.3% THC content”… with sufficiently low THC levels that they produce no psychoactive effect in humans, manufacturers say. No one 's getting high on this stuff…”(Carey). Carey’s argument base on the idea that people tend to believe hemp is same as the addictive drug—marijuana. Statistically, this quote clearly shows the huge different concentration percentage of THC contains

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