Pros And Cons Of Legalizing Cannabis

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Legalizing Cannabis

Legalizing Cannabis – Culminating Essay

Is cannabis really that big of a legal issue for Canada? It may be an illegal drug, but the illegality is questioned based on the events surrounding the initial prohibition of Cannabis. Cannabis is defiantly a drug that alters one’s mind, it also has its downfalls, but there are many more pros than cons. The essay will explore those pros and weigh there values versus the perceived disadvantage of cannabis. Cannabis is also known as marijuana, it is derived of the Cannabis plants leaves and flowers. The leaves and flowers contain THC, which gives the high to marijuana [ ][ ]. Cannabis was first made illegal with the Opium Act of 1908 introduced by Mackenzie King[
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Enforcement of the illegalization on cannabis takes away time from real threats such as drunk drivers, violent crimes, drug busts on harmful substances, and catching the real bad guys. The prohibition doesn’t only take away the time and resources of law enforcement it also effects the prison system. Prisons are ridden with criminals of minor possession charges, possession of a drug that has been used for thousands of years recreationally and medically. Eight hundred thousand prisoners enter the US prison system every year, eight hundred thousand prisoners that need to be fed, given shelter and living amenities; similarly in Canada the prisons are full of criminals with marijuana charges[ ]. The cost of keeping the prisoners in the US is approximately one billion dollars and then for enforcement the cost is twenty billion dollars. In Canada the approximate cost is around three billion dollars [ ]. Marijuana has been proven to be beneficial for numerous reasons and is safer than alcohol and tobacco, therefore it makes sense to legalize marijuana in Canada. Regulating marijuana in Canada would reduce crimes related to drug deals or involving any illegal activity around marijuana, as it would be widely available if it were legal. Criminals, drug dealers and drug lords would lose power, as legal marijuana would spread country wide. Money is already being lost enforcing the prohibition on cannabis, but if it were legal it could be taxed. Taxing marijuana would become another source of income for Canada creating approximately one to two billion dollars a year; increasing as society begins to accept marijuana more [ ]. All in all legalizing marijuana would save money, create money and help the economy. Court systems would be freed up, prisons, and law enforcement as well. Marijuana would create jobs if legalized as there would be an increase in demand of cannabis growers, cannabis shops and

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