Stone Machines In The Upper Paleolithic

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The Upper Paleolithic also known as the “Stone age” was one of the most substantial transitions in the world. Back about 40,000 years ago modern humans began to explore their capabilities and made artifacts to the future today. Their expansions in this era includes making stone stools for carving and hunting, artwork, and even burials. It is important to realize the benefits of these artifacts that serve the worlds proposes today.
Stone tools are considered a brilliant invention after discovering that some stone tools date back to 2 million years ago. The first oldest stone tool was found in Gola River, Ethiopia in the 1990’s. It dated back to 2.6 m.y.a. which means that this era was about 5.3 to 2.5 million years ago. Stone tools are the
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After several discoveries of stone tools it has shown the improvement on their look and shape. For example, they have discovered tools found together one of the stones were shaped into a hammer which suggested that they would use it to pound something or make an additional tool.
“An object that was created at one time or place would be intended to be used at another time and place” (Prince, Feinman 2013). Now looking forward past millions of years to 2015 we still make the use of tools. Though the same basic concepts for the uses of cutting, hunting, and building things. The tools in this generation could be made of glass, metal, copper, gold, many different options including shapes and sizes. Still, the concept of making a tool was first thought of millions of years
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Anywhere from adhesives to hold things together to the creation of bow and arrows for a precise shot on their prey. One of the unique characteristics about the bow and arrow is that it had a balance weight on the end of the arrow. This weight was not just an ordinary weight, for example one of the weights was a wood carving of two elks holding each other. The weight will give the arrow a longer and faster throw. The first appearance of these type of bow and arrows were found in Africa and to be believed about 22,000 years ago. The significance of these new materials created is that it gave the modern humans protection for themselves, gathering huge amounts of food from hunting larger animals, and a highly developed variety of new tools. The usage of bows and arrows are still around today and also considered a sport called Archery. Archery is based on hitting your target in the center from a long distance away. They also are still being used for hunting prey especially deer. This was an absolute creative hunting invention.
The next interesting discovery that has given archeologists stories, pictures, and visual understanding from thousands to millions of years ago is the artwork that has been discovered. In Aurignacian, Europe there is a famous cave that was discovered which had painting and drawing that were from about 40,000 years ago. After discovering this cave it was vital because it gives a look back on what

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