Civil War: The Cherokee Nation

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The Cherokee Nation

The Cherokee Nation was involved in the Civil War as a “foreign ally.” Their location was on Confederate lands, which made them an ally of the rebellion. The Confederacy was highly outnumbered by the Union, so the Cherokee Nation was a benefit for the Confederacy. The weapons they invented were new to the Confederacy, but they quickly learned because it was their only shot at becoming less outnumbered with weapons. The Cherokees made a positive impact on the size of the Confederates, but not enough to win the war. The struggles that the Cherokee Nation went through during this time period were tough, but the Civil War made it worse. The Cherokee Nation went through a lot during this time period and they were able
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The whole Cherokee nation was not involved with the Confederates, though. The Cherokees were divided in half and some fought with the Union soldiers. Many other tribes from the Northern United States were; portions of the Creek and Seminole, Kickapoo, Seneca, Shawnee, Iroquois, and many more.

Principal Chief John Ross and Stand Watie were rivals. Chief Ross believed that if they remained neutral, they would have a better outcome. Stand Watie was a member of the Confederacy. Their rivalry caused Stand Watie to be hesitant in joining the Confederacy. Stand Watie did not want to remain neutral, he wanted to ally with the Confederacy, where he became a full general.

The Cherokee Indians used a variety of weapons that they invented. They made blowguns, darts, and spears. Cherokees created poisonous darts that could be deadly to the person that they were shot at. The darts were made by being soaked in snake venom, or plant juices and extracts that were deadly to humans. Spears were made out of solid wood and they were shaped using deer antlers. Lastly, blowguns were used in games or warfare. Blowguns were mainly a Cherokee invention. They could be three to nine feet long and could be deadly to humans if the poison darts were used. The Cherokees were very innovative and their weaponry was a benefit to the
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When they moved from their territory, their culture was impacted. The Cherokees had to leave their homes that they worked hard to build and make their own. They were forced to start from scratch and adapt while trying to stay true to who they were. People of the Cherokee Nation needed to learn about the land they moved to and they also had to find other ways to build. The Cherokees had the toughest role in the Civil War because they not only had to fight in the “bloodiest war in American history”, but they also needed to settle in the new land. The land they moved to was a war zone, and anything they built was fair game for

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