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  • Essay On Bisclavret And Jealousy In Marie De France

    In Marie de France’s “Bisclavret and “Yönec” she tells two distinct stories with supernatural elements and fairy-tale like qualities. In both, she tells the story of two unhappy marriages full of betrayal and deceit. Although the specific situations in both stories are distinctly different, there are abundant similarities in how the characters behave. All four of the main characters in the two act out of their own self interest, whether it is by betraying their spouse or through blatant dishonesty. By demonstrating both extreme and sympathetic examples of selfish characters and by punishing them for their actions, Marie de France is criticising selfish lovers and suggesting that selfishness and the sanctity of marriage are incompatible with…

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  • Clothing And Fairies In Lanval By Marie De France

    People's lives are sculpted by their everyday surroundings, their family and friends, where they live, and even the food that they eat. Every time period has different beliefs, clothing, and governing bodies that give hints as to what the culture would have been like during that time. In the poem "Lanval," Marie De France writes about these differences. Culture is not just the surroundings people live in; it is truly what makes them who they are and what they do in life. The clothing people…

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  • Summary: The Lais Of Marie De France

    Marie De France is a French author whose work is widely known and respected. The literary world credits her with four works: “The Lais of Marie de France (a collection of twelve short narrative poems not unlike shortened versions of romances), the one hundred and two "Ysopet" fables, a retelling of the Legend of the Purgatory of St. Patrick, and, most recently, a saint 's life called La Vie seinte Audree about Saint Audrey of Ely” ( Looking at her collection of Lais, we…

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  • Love Is Caustic By Marie De France

    Love is Caustic: A Look into the Similarities and Differences of Laustic and Bisclavret Throughout Marie de France’s many lais, she focuses on the many facets of human nature, such as who can be trusted, who will act accordingly to their rank and status in the court, who will be honorable and treat others with respect, and most importantly, who is most deserving of the love of another. By the very definition of the lais, being a love ballad of sorts, this is nothing surprising. What is far more…

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  • Views Of Courtly Love And Marriage In The Lay Of The Werewolf By Marie De France

    Courtly love and marriage in the medieval time period were often two contradicting forces. Whether courtly love or marriage was viewed as right or wrong always depended on the situation the lovers were in, or the person telling the lover’s tale. Marie de France paints these two opposite views in two of her lays— the “Lay of Yonec”, and the “Lay of the Werewolf.” She also shows readers how the two opposite views on courtly love are sparked due to varying situations. Courtly love is seen in some…

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  • Analysis: The Lais Of Marie De France And Marie De France

    Testosterone in Action Vanissa Tsang Masculinity is reflected based on society expectations and role of the men. In Gregory’s History of the Franks, he writes about men with the role of royal kings, while Marie de France write poems about knights. My main argument is that Gregory’s form of masculinity reflects on the aggressive approaches to obtain power to ensure one’s social power, while Marie’s masculinity reflects on the satisfaction of individual’s need for companionship. The…

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  • Summary Of Bisclavret By Marie De France

    Throughout the stories, there are many violent scenes. In the lais Bisclavret, the man loved the woman and trusted her enough to tell her about his curse which makes him werewolf. This helps showcase the love that Bisclavret had for his wife, which unfortunately was not as understanding as he thought and decided to deceive him. Even though from here on out in the story there is violence, the romance was the fact that Bisclavret had love for his wife and that’s why he was cautious of taking his…

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  • Analysis Of Bisclavret By Marie De France

    Marie de France wrote “Bisclavret” in the late 12th and early 13th centuries. The name Bisclavret means werewolf. When a person thinks of the word werewolf, the thought of fairy tales and horror stories may come to mind. “Bisclavret” is neither one of those types of literature. Marie de France utilizes a werewolf in her poem to symbolize a beastly or aggressive side of humans. “Bisclavret” is interesting as it has numerous layers and messages within the narrative. One message the poem…

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  • Marie De France Laüstic Analysis

    something, perhaps someone, who you loved more than anything in the world, but you simply could not have that individual. Marie De France: Laüstic is a poem translated by Robert Hanning and Joan Ferrante, who tells a beautiful, yet heartbreaking tale. To have a love so precious and lustful and not being able to do anything other than simply talk with one another through their balcony; which makes it romantic since they are neighbors and are close to each other. Adding icing to the cake, lays a…

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  • Gender Roles In Marie De France

    The writings of Marie de France go against the gender roles of women from the majority of works written during the same time period. Her story Lanval shows this quite clearly. Lanval is a young knight who has been forgotten by his peers. He feels “depressed and worried” because he is “without friends” and “doesn’t know where to look for help” (297). He goes out for a ride and is approached by 2 lovely girls who bring him to their “lady” (298). One thing to note here is that women during this…

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