Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island

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  • Creative Writing: What Do I Think, Goo Man

    “Real good,” screams Staff Sergeant Baker, “Real stinkin’ good, Guaman. Just take the easy way out and fucking die.” Recruit Guaman’s arms shake in the front leaning rest position over a puddle of his sweat on the quarterdeck. There’s nothing restful about that position. “Mountain climbers,” screams the drill instructor as his fists rest on his green duty belt, “in cadence, exercise: one-two-three.” Guaman limply lifts his left foot from the floor. The muscles in Staff Sergeant Baker’s square jaw flex as he grits his teeth. He kneels, jabbing his index finger with laser precision at the air near Guaman’s face, “What do you think, Goo Man?” The Drill Instructor turns and barks to the platoon, “Did they make some kind of fucking mistake in MEP’s? Are you supposed to be polluting my beloved…

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  • Comparison Essay: Marines Vs. Army

    Marines vs Army Would you like to be all that you can be? If not how about being one of the few and the proud? These are the mottos for two branches of service; the Army and the Marine Corps, respectively. As a Marine veteran, and the father of a current marine, I feel that I am uniquely qualified to help you determine if either of these organizations are in your future. The first step in either service is going through a rigorous training known as boot camp or basic training. Not…

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  • Sixth Marine Corps Recruiting Case Study

    Prior Service Recruiting Station Six, Sixth Marine Corps District (2013-Present) Billet: Officer In Charge. Area of operations and recruiters in eight states and Puerto Rico, encompassing over 340,000 Sq/miles, corresponding vehicle fleet, budget, and buildings. Awards: -Awarded Prior Service Recruiting Station of the Year the past two fiscal years, and will receive it again this year at the National Operations and Training Symposium. Hosted by the Commanding General of Marine Corps…

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  • Lewis Burwell Puller's Accomplishments

    The United States Marines Corps enlisted Private Lewis Burwell Puller in August of 1918, this young Private would go on to become one of the most decorated Marines in the Corps’ history. Lewis Burwell “Chesty” Puller spent the better part of 37 years dedicated to the Marine Corps and his Marines. Puller’s numerous battlefield accomplishments and 5 Navy Crosses make him a legend among Marines. Chesty was the epitome of selfless service placing our nation, the Marine Corps and every Marine that…

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  • Caper's Law Character Analysis

    The main character is Caroline Capers, a Lance Cpl. in the United States Marine Corps. She is a middle-class, white, optimistic and motivated 22-year-old young woman from Skaneateles, New York, a small town not far from Syracuse. I would choose Emma Stone to depict Caroline Capers because she is aesthetically what I imagine for Caroline. Her multi-faceted and strong-willed demeanor is also what I propose for Caroline’s character. For 1st Sgt. Marcus Medina, I would cast Mario Lopez to depict…

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  • Boot Camp Advantages

    If someone were to join, the first stop would be the memorable place called boot camp. In the Air Force, every man and woman would begin training at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas for eight weeks. The Navy has one training facility just like the Air Force which is located at The Great Lakes Naval Training Center in Lake Michigan, Illinois. Like the Air Force, the Navy’s boot camp lasts for eight weeks. For the toughest branch of the military, the Marine Corps, they have two boot…

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