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  • Personal Narrative: Death Of A Salesman's Lover

    Life after her (there is no life without her) A few hours has passed since she passed away, Dillon still lying beside her, when the nurse came in and said, “I am sorry for you loss but it is time to go”… go but I cannot go she needs me… I need her the nurse told Dillon that she is no longer her anymore and that it is time to go. Dillon leaves the room and was given a box of her things that were on her they gave him the keys to her house and Dillon got in his car and went to her house. Dillon…

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  • Elfie Huntington Bagley

    dress and she stares ahead at the camera. This photograph is posed, a stylistic choice she picked up from her actor uncle, Don Carlos Johnson, and represents a traditional chore for women. Alternatively, her 2 People and a Boat (fig. 3) . In this black and white photograph two women, wearing shortened bathing dresses with straw hats perched precariously atop their heads, are boating in a lake. One stands in the water while the other stands in the rowboat. This photograph depicts the freedom…

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  • Mia To Stay Quotes

    “I realize now that dying is easy, living is hard” (Forman 175). This quote is so much more than just words; it represents a choice, Mia’s choice between life and death. Stuck outside her lifeless body, Mia is presented with the choice of staying and living with what she has left on this earth, or leaving and joining her deceased family. With her loved ones watching over her, Mia reminisces about her life and the possibilities of her future, as she is faced with this powerful decision. In the…

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  • Personal Narrative: The First Day Of Winter Break

    It was a late Thursday afternoon, around 7 p.m. It was the first day of winter break and it was snowing. Two strangers who randomly decided to go to the same coffee shop at the same time meet for the first time. The girl, not really paying attention to the flirting from the boy started to realize his interest when he asked how he could talk to her later. She being the shy soul she was gave him a way to contact her but explained that he doesn’t have to just because they happen to have mutual…

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  • Creative Writing: The Stone Moon

    creatures with blood red skin and some creatures that were bare, with nothing but black feathers flew about. The red beings flew in one direction and the black beings in the other. The Gods above cried with grey tears that turned the blue moon to stone. During the lunar cycle on only one night, the two races battled fiercely with great force. The red, bat-like creatures followed one creature with horns while the black, crow-like creatures were controlled by the Gods. Each phase of the stone moon…

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  • Gendered Style In Advertising

    Who are These ads really For? One Stephen Craig wrote an essay titled “Mens Men and Woman’s Woman”. The essay describes how businesses use gendered style advertising in order to better appeal to their customers. Craig talks about four different styles of advertising. Those being Men’s men, men’s women, women’s women, and women’s men. Men’s men is describing men being stereotypical men. Men’s women is how men can have the girl, and the product that is being advertised. Women’s women shows…

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  • Marcus Breu's Objectification Of Women

    A beautiful woman is the goal of almost every man on this planet. Without a beautiful woman, the man is seemed as “unimportant” to society. In order to validate themselves, they seek out for the young and beautiful girls without knowing that they are creating an environment for women that is a competition. Women are often pit against one another in finance, appearance, and success. A woman who has these qualities are seen as a rarity. Most men are often clueless when it comes down to this form…

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  • The Stone Guest Don Juan Character Analysis

    The Plot Twist of Men and Women Stereotypes In Pushkin’s The Stone Guest Don Juan is known for his seductive past, who is now willing to devote his life to Doña Anna while surrendering all of the other women he admires. Yet, Pushkin’s character Laura also has seductive tendencies, but she has no regard in settling down. Unfortunately in the 21st century women are known for their sex appeal and Laura’s character happened to enhance how women are portrayed today. Women and men may indeed live on…

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  • Faith In The Shack

    Faith, for those who don’t know is, by definition, a strong belief in God or in the doctrines of religion, based more on spiritual apprehension rather than proof. Faith is how you trust and believe in God; faith is usually what one wishes or hopes for, whether that be a miracle to save an ill-ridden child or whether it’s just wishing for a new car. If you put faith in God, he may not grant all your wishes and dreams but he will fall down from heaven to show you that you don’t require those…

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  • The Beautiful Flowers Of The Maquiladora Analysis

    For an adolescent, a first job represents an exciting moment in their lives. A job teaches responsibility, the importance of punctuality, performing duties in a timely manner, working independently or in a team to accomplish a similar outcome. It promotes character, teaches discipline, and tolerance of others. Equally important, is understanding that there is an authority that must be respected and obeyed in the job site, even though circumstances prevent a mutual accordance. But the true…

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