Lust Punished By Foxes Analysis

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Lust Punished by foxes There are many odd things that happen in this story. It is also very different from other things that we have read in the past. The other fox spirits were handled and treated very differently than the one here. This story is about a man that collects aphrodisiacs as a hobby (Songling, 356-58). There are three characters in this story, four if you count the fox spirit (Songling, 356-58). The characters in this story are the wife, the husband, and the husbands friend (Songling, 356-58). The husband leaves one day while his friend stays at the house (Songling, 356-58). The man had known for a while that his house was haunted with fox spirits (Songling, 356-58). One day a fox spirit takes one of his collectables and put’s it in his wife’s food (Songling, 356-58). The wife finds she can’t fight the need to sleep with her husbands friend (Songling, 356-58). So she goes to his room and he turns her down (Songling, 356-58). After she realized what she did she hanged herself, but maid got her down and she didn’t die (Songling, 356-58). When her husband got home she was very depressed and she didn’t say anything for a while (Songling, 356-58). Eventually she told him everything and he wasn’t mad because nothing actually happened (Songling, 356-58). He …show more content…
Other stories of this kind have the supernatural element be at the forefront of whats happening. Here, it serves as a background element to explain why something is going on. Fox spirits are very popular in this book. But most of the time we see them in some form or another. In this story it is mentioned in passing a few times, but we never actually see the spirits interacting with the people. It talks about the house being haunted by foxes, but it doesn’t say how many or if they are in human or animal form. It also doesn’t mention if they are attractive or not, or if they ever tried to come on to the husband. Some parts of it were very

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