Fixed-wing aircraft

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Air Transport

    instructed ET 409 to turn right on a heading of 315°. ET 409 acknowledged and heading 315° was selected on the Mode Control Panel (MCP). As the aircraft was on a right turn, Control suggested to ET 409 to follow heading 270° “due to weather”. However, ET 409 continued right turn beyond the selected heading of 315. At 00:38:30, the actual heading of the aircraft exceeded the 315° selected heading without any action from the captain to reduce the roll or to stop the turn, although the Flying…

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  • Indigo Airlines Case Study

    services on a low cost basis or as a low cost carrier IndiGo airline wants to provide its services and gain more frequent flyer passengers. It aims to maintain its services and expand the number of aircrafts in the future. In the year 2015 the airline has signed a contract to increase a minimum of 30 aircrafts to increase its operations but taking a loan from ICBC (Chinese…

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  • Crowair Plc Executive Summary

    PART A Crowair Plc is a low cost airline operating short routes serving UK regional airports and other airports across Europe. A low cost carrier (LCC) is a type of airline that provides air travel for a lesser fee and with less/fewer comfort (Wikipedia, low cost carrier).To make up for their lower fares the airline charges extra for food and services, baggage, priority seating etc.; this is otherwise known as the ancillary revenue which is an important financial element for a LCC. Crowair’s…

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  • Aviation Emission

    volume of world trade shipments, it is over 35% by value – meaning that goods shipped by air are very high value commodities, often times perishable or time sensitive 6. Jet aircraft in service today are over70% more fuel efficient per seat kilometer than the first jets in the 1960s. Globally, the average occupancy of aircraft is around 80%, greater than other forms of transport. 7. Around 80% of aviation CO2 emissions are emitted from flights of over 1,500 kilometres, for which there is no…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Pilot Training

    Pilot training- A gateway to a wonderful aviation career Everyone dreams to make big and soar with success in life. The choice of a career plays a big role in deciding the fate of your dream. In today’s time there are countless number of options available that make our decision far more complicated than easy. The key to selecting a right career is to start early in life by assessing your interests, strengths and weakness as your personality traits must be compatible to your occupation. It is…

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  • Case Study Boeing

    Discussion Points 1. Some virtual teams at Boeing have discussions focused on military aircraft. Do some Internet research on UC security mechanisms and identify and briefly describe several that Boeing should have in place to ensure the privacy and integrity of such discussions. A 1. Boeing has completed centennial in aerospace industry in 2016 and manufactures defence aircraft, commercial jetliners and space and security systems. They are dispersed around the globe and has their footprints…

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  • Straight Line Model Essay

    The learning curve phenomenon was first originated in the aircraft industry (Wright, 1936). This study introduced the straight line power model which states that the cumulative average time taken to finish a specific activity decreases by a constant rate whenever the number of repetitions is doubled. Later, in the 1940’s, after World War II, the learning curve received more attention. At this time, the Stanford-B model was introduced as a modification of the straight line power model (Stanford…

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  • British Airways Pest Analysis

    British Airways PLC, a British air-transport company, is branded as one of the largest airline in the world carrying approximately 36 million passengers a year. Its headquarters are established near Heathrow Airport in London. In 1935, small UK air transport companies arose together to form British Airways. Later, the British Government joined British Airways with its competing airline firm, Imperial Airways to form British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC). British European Airways (BEA), a…

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  • Risk Factors In The Civil Aviation Safety Risk Assessment System

    causal events. This model illustrates how a particular risk is resolved into its constituent parts. In this representation, the decomposed risk category e.g. Technical Risk appear near the top of the hierarchy, while low level data terms such as aircraft velocity, are at the bottom, the most specific part of the…

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  • Human Errors And Human Differences In Aviation Accident?

    complete description of the Human Factors Analysis and Classification System. In this book, it analyzes various kinds of human errors happened in aircraft accidents, including the mistakes of operators and crews. In the chapter of “Human Error and Aviation Accidents”, the author gave database about the trend of how mechanical errors and human errors cause aircraft accidents. It has been mentioned that human error has been implicated in 70 to 80% of all civil and military aviation accidents.…

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