Airplane Design Research Paper

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In 1896, Otto Lilienthal of German origin was the Glider King after attempting over 2000 flights but sadly died after fracturing his neck from 50 feet downfall. At that same period in America, the Wright brother (Otto and Wilbur), successful business owner noticeably with their understanding of bicycles, began to look into Lilienthal work. On December 17th, 1903, they showed the world the very first motorized airplane with a 12s flight. Over the years, the mechanics of airplanes improved as well as its design. However, in the design of an airplane come several different factors that must be taken into consideration.
As an engineer, we pushed to come up with the finest, most creative new “thing”. For an aircraft, there are design constraints
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It could be a commercial airliner, which requires long rang and great fuel efficiency for transport of passengers or cargo. A fighter jet usually for the army (air force), to perform high speed maneuvers and also used to support troops on the ground. An amphibious airplane can operate on land as well as on water.
After clarifying the airplane’s purpose, there are sets of rules and regulations each airplane, manufacturer, and operator should aby by. The institution responsible for this is the national aviation airworthiness authorities. They implement rules set by the ICAO (international civil aviation organization) to its specific region (country). This includes airports and the type of airplanes they are allowed to house, training.
With the new advancement in technology, not every airplane can carry it on board and one of the main reasons is finance. Governments and manufacturers have limited funds allocated to the design. On top of it, there is a high level of competition, where manufacturers strive for better efficiency in design without compromising performance,
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Nowadays, aircraft pollution is a big issue with environmentalists. Two of the main causes for complaints of airplanes’ air pollution are noise and carbon emission. The noise comes from the engines and airframes; therefore, there have been significant improvement in those two parts. They are quieter. As for carbon emission, there are new environmental friendly fuels being used. Moreover, manufacturers are using recyclable material for some parts of the

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