Medevac Or Dust-Off Essay

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When the need to wage war is at hand, multiple issues come to play. An issue that comes to mind is a guarantee; there will be casualties and there will be plenty of them. During my research I will discuss how the community we know as Med Evac or Dust-Off was developed, and how it has shaped our combat power throughout our most note able combat operations.
In 1917 as tensions grew in Europe between the Allies and the Central Power, The United States entered the WWI also known as “The Great war”. While we were trying to find new ways to expeditiously remove casualties from the battlefield, due to the number of lives that perished we needed a change. Ford and General Motors provided a vehicle that could ground evacuation the wounded but this method
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Commanders could now place soldiers strategically around the battle field knowing that their members would be reached and placed into the next higher level of medical care anywhere on the battlefield. This was made possible by dividing each Medevac unit into platoons and embedding them on Forward Operating Bases (FOB), in order to further extend their range. We could now place a single Medevac within a single region and then further divide them up into individual team sites consisting of 3 UH60 helicopters, with a team to man and operate each aircraft. Utilizing this method will guarantee GFC’s 24 hours of coverage wherever they emplace their troops.

Advantages of Medevac
Serving as a force multiplier, this platform gives the GFC’s the advantage of clearing the battlefield of wounded personnel and continue operations. Along with quick response times, these teams can provide en route medical that is essential in enhancing the livelihood of wounded, injured and sick personnel. Medevac teams are comprised of dedicated Medical platform with Medical professionals with equipment that is specifically designed for casualty care as the team gets the patient to the next level of combat

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