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  • Tick Paralysis In Bats

    Beginning in the late 1980s, SFF afflicted with tick paralysis have been described in populations from the Atherton Tablelands in Queensland, Australia (8). The tick has been identified as Ixodes holocyclus (7), one of two paralysis ticks found in eastern Australia (9). One main theory has been presented describing why these arboreal animals have been so adversely affected by a tick that is considered to be ground dwelling. As the natural foraging habitat of the SFF is eliminated, the bats are forced to search elsewhere for food. For this reason, the bats have been attracted to the fruit of the lower growing, invasive tobacco bush (Solanum mauritianum); which is native to South America (10). This bush has been found to harbor large populations…

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  • The Five Responses In Hilberg's The Unloved

    In, The Destruction of the European Jews, Hilberg states that “they had evolved a set of reactions that were to remain remarkably constant over the centuries. This pattern may be portrayed by the following diagram: Resistance Alleviation Evasion Paralysis Compliance” (Hilberg). Arnost Lustig shows in his novel, The Unloved, that these five classifications are not independent of one another, but are in fact organic, flowing and melting into one another. This paper explores that melding of those…

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  • Sleep Paralysis

    When a person goes to sleep, the brain normally causes the muscles of the body to relax and stay still. However, sleep paralysis is caused when parts of the REM state of sleep intrude into wakefulness. Approximately twenty percent of the general population experience episodes of isolated sleep paralysis. People who experience sleep paralysis often wake up and develop anxiety when they become aware of the fact that they are incapable of moving their bodies and also unable to speak. Some people…

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  • Paralysis In Araby

    The young protagonist in Joyce’s “Araby” describes the setting that he first encounters in relation to paralysis and figurative blindness by explaining how dead everything around him appeared to be. This reflects the boy’s mental, spiritual, and emotional states. He instantly becomes blinded by the visions in his head concerning Mangan’s sister, the relationship that he longed to have with her, and his mental connection between her and religion. The narrator sees this girl as the manifestation…

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  • Kanashiwa Tribe Analysis

    Japan’s national religion is influenced by folklore and culture and it ultimately affects the Japanese’s views and interpretations of events. Kazuhiko Fukuda, a psychologist, who wrote the book High Prevalence of Isolated Sleep Paralysis: Kanashibari Phenomenon in Japan, describes different survey results regarding kanashibari. One of the surveys given, asked the subjects about their perceptions of kanashibari. The survey was given to 235 college students who lived in Canada and in Japan (86…

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  • Sleep Paralysis Analysis

    The Stuff that Dreams are Made Of Sleep paralysis is a medical condition that affects thousands, if not millions, of people every day. It is defined as “a temporary inability to move or speak that occurs when you’re waking up or falling asleep” (NHS). Due to minute personal experiences with the subject, Rodney Ascher became fascinated with the innerworkings of sleep paralysis. This obsession led to the creation of his critically acclaimed documentary, The Nightmare, in 2015. The Nightmare is…

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  • The Effects Of Sleep Paralysis

    What are dreams? Why do people experience them nearly every time they fall asleep? They have always been a topic of interest among scientists, consequently in the world of psychology. Moreover, they are raising awareness among general public as well. However, what if there is something more terrifying than a dream? At first glance appearing as a scene from a horror movie, but the problem appears when a person realizes the main character starring, is them. Something looking so realistic, yet so…

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  • The Importance Of Interview Paralysis

    A comment on some less obvious issues relating to jobs and career change activity. Interview Paralysis? Preparation is your Protection You walk into the interview are greeted by two, four or maybe six beady eyes staring at you. Your mouth goes dry, you feel heat coming up your neck into your cheeks, and you know they are going red, you feel cold perspiration on your forehead, and in answer to a greeting you squeak or make a strange noise that sound vaguely like ‘good morning’. It’s happens…

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  • Sleep Paralysis Essay

    The Effects of Sleeping Position on Sufferers of Sleep Paralysis Sleep paralysis is a brief, conscious state of involuntary immobility occurring when falling asleep or upon awakening characterized by muscle atonia and vivid, reoccurring, terrifying hallucinations. Complete muscle atonia is naturally induced during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep to prevent the sleeper from physically acting out dreams (Lapierre & Montplaisir, 1992), The absence of REM atonia causes rapid eye movement sleep…

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  • The Influence Of Sleep Paralysis

    What is Sleep Paralysis? Have you ever experienced paralysis? Do you know what paralysis means? What it is? According to Google, it is the loss of the ability to move in part or most of the body, typically as a result of illness, poison, or injury. So, now that you know what paralysis means, let’s discuss sleep paralysis and the psychology behind it. I myself am a victim of sleep paralysis and will share my personal experiences. You enter consciousness just finishing a dream,…

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