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  • Paraphilia Case Studies

    In this case Scott, who apparently is presenting a case of paraphilia. And according to the dictionaries define it as synonymous with sexual perversion diverted, “any abnormal sexual behavior; sexual anomaly or deviation, a type of mental disorder characterized by a preference for or obsession with unusual sexual practices, as pedophilia, sadomasochism, or exhibitionism” (de Silva, 2004). paraphilia are disorders of sexual behavior in the compulsive element which strongly limits the sexual repertoire of a person so that the excitement and satisfaction become dependent on what some people consider abnormal forms or deviant fantasy or interaction. The vast majority are treated exclusively male disorders. Yakeley & Wood, 2014 “Treatment options…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Pedophilia

    A sex offending is the commission of acts of a sexual nature against an individual without consent. When we think of Sex offending, we think of a child molesters but this term basically refers to anyone committing any sexual offense. There are many types of sex offenders and these may include those who commit offences against children, adults or even offenders who commit sexual murders. According to Palermo and Farkas, “sexual offenders belong to the group of paraphilias which is comprised of…

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  • Paraphilia Essay

    Paraphilia is a pattern of sexual attraction/behavior that deviates from the social and cultural norms. To have a paraphilic disorder, their unusual sexual interest needs to cause them distress or victimizes others for longer than six months. How does one develop a paraphilia? There are some certain neurotransmitters and hormones that are linked to paraphilic interests. It could also develop from people having poor interpersonal skills. Some people may have learned their paraphilia from…

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  • Paraphilia Research Paper

    or a “fetish” although the psychological term for “fantasies or … sexual behaviors that involve objects or situations outside of the usual sexual norms,” is actually paraphilia (Comer,2015). I should point out that fetishes do exists under the paraphilia umbrella, and typically involve “sexual urges, fantasies, or behaviors that involve the use of a nonliving object or nongenital part,” (Comer, 2015). So a person could have a foot fetish, or even a diaper fetish, but you couldn’t fetishize…

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  • Sexual Perversions: Thomas Nagel Theories And Expuality

    Upon hearing the phrase “sexual perversions” there are a variety of definitions that come to each individuals mind. That being said, is there really just one precise definition? If so, who decides that it is the most accurate? Thomas Nagel presented various theories and explanations as to what he believes the definition of a sexual perversion is. To understand a perversion you must first understand sexual attraction. A great example of this is the famous Romeo and Juliet scenario. In this…

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  • The Due Penalty Clause In Greek Mythology

    Men and women both were committing unnatural acts by offering themselves up as strange flesh to entities not of human flesh. Both men as well as woman were lying with angels (angelic men). The “due penalty” clause is quite a mystery without this understanding. What would this due penalty be that these people would be receiving in their persons? This word, persons, is a reference to their own bodies. They are receiving demons into their own flesh. The initial stage is probably some kind of…

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  • My Little Pony

    One final video drives the point of how gender and sex are ingrained in society when a young boy (roughly 10 years old) compares the fandom with gay subculture, illustrating how constructions of gender have been modeled for him. Bussey and Bandura suggest, “A great deal of gender-linked information is exemplified by models in one’s immediate environment such as parents and peers, and significant persons in social, educational, and occupational contexts.” His experiences with social…

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  • The Isolation Of Sex Practices

    Because this nation, and many others, were established by people with deep religious beliefs, our society is very squeamish about sex. Religious institutions have had an ever present influence and direct hand in people’s lives and society as a whole and when it comes to sexuality, almost nothing else has been regulated more. Sex practices in particular are heavily regulated. Practices that fall out of the norm which are generally categorized as heterosexual, monoracial, intermarriage, and/or…

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  • Paraphilia Essay Introduction

    Overview Paraphilias is derived from the Greek word “Para” which means around or beside and the word “Philia” which means love. A term coined in the early 1900’s to describe atypical sexual behaviors. It is described as an emotional disorder that are ascertained to be as sexually arousing fantasies, recurrent behaviors that interferes with social function and other important daily functioning. Regarded as a sexual dysfunction, people with paraphilic condition have intense sexual fantasies and…

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  • The Importance Of Eugenics

    healthy, functioning limbs but have a strong desire to be amputees. Although now many people who study apotemnophilia describe it similarly to body dysmorphic disorder, it was originally classified as “a problem of sexual desire—a variety of the same genre of conditions that includes pedophilia, voyeurism, and exhibitionism” (Elliott 212). The very name apotemnophilia classifies it as a paraphilia, which are mental disorders of sexual deviance or abnormal sexual practices. Some people have…

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