The Influence Of Sex Practices In Society

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Because this nation, and many others, were established by people with deep religious beliefs, our society is very squeamish about sex. Religious institutions have had an ever present influence and direct hand in people’s lives and society as a whole and when it comes to sexuality, almost nothing else has been regulated more. Sex practices in particular are heavily regulated. Practices that fall out of the norm which are generally categorized as heterosexual, monoracial, intermarriage, and/or reproductive have historically looked upon as wrong and perverted. As time progresses society is more lenient towards moving away from only accepting the traditional ideas of sex practices as more people are getting into interracial relationships and the …show more content…
Some people of color report instances where they feel like they don’t belong or that the only real reason why they are invited to events and interacted with is because their race is the fetish. Some people of color might enjoy being the token colored person, but many do not and feel that. Some people are completely aware of their racial preferences and/or fetishization of a race, but some are completely obvious to what can be preserved as deeply offensive. Whitey McWhite Wife, the wife of a Native American man writes into Savage Love explaining that she’s ‘got a thing for his long black hair’ (Feb 17, 2016). She has given up requesting that he wears traditional clothing (she never really mentioned if she meant casually or in the bedroom but I assumed bedroom) but really can’t see why he just won’t grow out his hair for her. She just wanted to know what as so wrong about ‘asking for a couple of braids’ (Feb 17, 2016). Whether or not WMW realized how offensive she could be coming off to her partner is unsure. However, the fact that this white woman stated that she is willing to do and wear whatever he asks her to seems to me that she doesn’t really understand or respect the cultural meaning and significance of long hair, braids, and traditional clothing enough to realize that maybe these are things she shouldn’t be trying to cast into a purely aesthetic and sexual light. She is equating her willingness to do

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