Parathyroid hormone

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  • Diet Sodas And Soda Diets

    either to stave off hunger between meals or as a replacement for calorie-containing beverages. Many women drink over 20 diet sodas per week.”(diseaseproof) The question is, are diet sodas destroying people’s bone structures? Diet soda contains many different ingredients, and many of which can be harmful to the body. These drinks may cause osteoporosis, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, strokes, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and many other health problems. The ingredient that is the most concerning when discussing the effects of diet soda on bone structure is phosphoric acid, which can affect calcium production and the production of the parathyroid hormone. Calcium is important to the body and when depleted can cause weakness in the bone structure, which, again, can be caused by phosphoric acid and the production of the parathyroid hormone. Calcium (Ca2+) is crucial for the human body; it helps with the growth of strong teeth and bones (visual elements). More than 99 percent of the overall amount of calcium in the body is found in Ca10[PO4]6[OH]2, otherwise known as calcium hydroxyapatite. This compound is found in the teeth and bone structure, and it helps strengthen the hard tissue (taylor). While the bone structure goes about its development, calcium assists the body with regeneration. The amount of calcium intake throughout life is extremely important in order to maintain bone health (Web MD). During childhood and pregnancy, getting the correct amount of calcium is…

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  • Sex Differences

    parafibromin protein which is a tumor suppressor as well. A mutation here causes a decrease of the parafibromin protein. The CASR gene is involved in the production of the calcium-sensing receptor protein (CaSR). CaSR helps to regulate the amount of calcium in the body, by controlling the production of the parathyroid hormone. The calcium molecules bind to the CaSR and this activates the receptor. The activated receptor sends signals to block the production and release of the parathyroid…

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  • Roles Of The Endocrine System

    because the hormones which are produced by this system act at the distance, many of those substances act in the different organs. The endocrine system and nervous system work together to coordinate functions of all systems in human body, they are responsible for maintaining the internal environment, nearly all physiological processes are affected by the hormones. They regulate almost all body function starting from metabolism, grow and development as well as water and electrolyte balance,…

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  • LCMV Case Study

    Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis virus (LCMV) belongs to the Old World arenavirus family of enveloped viruses (Buchmeier et al., 2007). LCMV in particular has served as model organism from many significant studies in the field of immunology such as the Nobel Prize winning study of the Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) by Zinkernagel and Doherty (1975). LCMV’s natural reservoirs are the common household rodents (Traub, 1936). Household mice have shown to attain persistent asymptomatic LCMV…

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  • Glucocorticoids Case Study

    Glucocorticoids are steroid hormones which are produced predominantly in response to stress in the adrenal gland (Davis & Sandman 2010; Korgun et al. 2012). The physiological effects of glucocorticoids occur when the hormone are bind to, and mediated by the glucocorticoid receptor (Erhuma 2012). It plays a wide range of vital physiological roles that are necessary for healthy implantation and pregnancy processes (Korgun et al. 2012). As glucocorticoids are critical in the regulation of the…

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  • Chapter 18 Endocrine System Exam

    synthesis B) increased T3/T4 synthesis C) increased body temperature D) decreased blood cholesterol levels E) increased lipolysis ____ 66. Increased levels of thyroid hormones would A) decrease basal metabolic rate. B) up regulate beta receptors C) impair body growth. D) decrease the effects of norepinephrine on the heart and blood vessels. E) decrease protein synthesis. ____ 67. Calcitonin A) is synthesized by the parathyroid glands. B) acts primarily on osteoblasts. C) decreases blood Ca2+…

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  • Essay On Endocrine System

    with the hormones of the body. Hormones are chemical messengers that travel throughout the bloodstream to other tissues. These hormones are secreted by endocrine glands throughout the body. Hormones help with the functions of certain organs and glands and help with digestion, muscle contraction, sex hormones for reproduction, sleep, and much more. They can really dictate how chemicals in the body react. The major function of the endocrine system is to maintain the body’s homeostasis. There…

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  • Virginia Vitzthum Environmental Stress

    stated that if it were a genetic influence, it would have been a periodic pregnancy loss throughout the year. Dr. Vitzthum also contributed to the topic of comparing pregnancy in industrialized women to women in an agrarian society. She discussed how she hypothesizes childhood sets the stage for adulthood. In an industrial society, women are exposed to an increased food supply and are told to participate in moderate activity levels. This results from menstrual activity being hypersensitive to…

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  • Summary Of Men's Emotional System

    Helen E. FisherPh.D. , states that “the three emotional systems lust, attraction, and attachment are somewhat disconnected in human beings...” (Fisher, 2000). I am strongly going to agree with that theory. The emotional systems of men are timed with biological reproduction abilities and driven by hormones or the lack of them hormones such as Testosterone, Vasopressin and Estrogen. Gender behavior patterns that are instilled in men such as not showing emotion such as through crying and through…

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  • Cancer Vs Colon Cancer

    such as, estrogen levels in women, body mass index in different races of men, one study sought to figure out who is more likely to develop colon cancer. Other studies aim to understand what specific effects one’s diet has concerning colon cancer. One research group evaluated the correlation between high intakes of plant foods and fiber and people who developed colon cancer. Another study focused on antioxidant and DNA methylation-related nutrients and risk of distal colorectal cancer. While…

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